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25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

1. Successful teachers have clear objectives

2. Successful teachers have a sense of purpose

3. Successful teachers are able to live without immediate feedback

4. Successful teachers know when to listen to students and when to ignore them

5. Successful teachers have a positive attitude

6. Successful teachers expect their students to succeed

7. Successful teachers have a sense of humor

8. Successful teachers use praise authentically

9. Successful teachers know how to take risks

10. Successful teachers are consistent

11. Successful teachers are reflective

12. Successful teachers seek out mentors of their own

13. Successful teachers communicate with parents

14. Successful teachers enjoy their work

15. Successful teachers adapt to student needs

16. Successful teachers welcome change in the classroom

17. Successful teachers take time to explore new tools

18. Successful teachers give their students emotional support

19. Successful teachers are comfortable with the unknown

20. Successful teachers are not threatened by parent advocacy

21. Successful teachers bring fun into the classroom

22. Successful teachers teach holistically

23. Successful teachers never stop learning

24. Successful teachers break out of the box

25. Successful teachers are masters of their subject


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Teaching & Research Forum / Re: Status of DIU in SCOPUS
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Nice sharing

Thank you for sharing these important information.

Pharmacy / School of Biotechnology,KIIT,India
« on: October 08, 2017, 03:11:36 PM »

1.Three dedicated buildings for Department of Biotechnology

2.More than 100 PhD students are doing research in different laboratories

3.More than 50 Laboratories which are only dedicated for research on biotechnology

4.All the laboratories are well organized with all required instruments

5.The laboratory protocol and rules are strictly maintained by the department

6.All the laboratories are neat and clean

7.This department are giving emphasize on entrepreneurship. There were more than 20 laboratories established by young
entrepreneur who has managed fund and worked here with all the support and now they are earning more that 3-4 lacks taka individually per month.
8.All the teachers are well trained having good research experiences.

Travel / Visit / Tour / Sun Temple, Konârak, India
« on: October 08, 2017, 02:56:27 PM »
 An Architecture Marvel of Eastern India and A symbol of India's heritage, Konark Sun Temple, commonly known as Konark is situated in the eastern state of Odisha (earlier known as Orissa), India and is one of the eminent tourist attractions. Konark houses a massive temple dedicated to the Sun God. The word 'Konark' is a combination of two words 'Kona' and 'Arka'. 'Kona' means 'Corner' and 'Arka' means 'Sun', so when combines it becomes 'Sun of the Corner'. Konark Sun Temple is situated on the north eastern corner of Puri and is dedicated to Sun God. Konark is also known as Arka khetra. There are three images of the Sun God at three different sides of the temple, positioned in proper direction to catch the rays of the sun at morning, noon and evening.

Sun Temple of Konark, built in the middle of 13th century, is a massive conception of artistic magnificence and engineering dexterity. King Narasimhadeva I, the great ruler of the Ganga dynasty had built this temple, with the help of 1200 artisans within a period of 12 years (1243-1255 A.D.). Since the ruler used to worship the Sun, the temple was considered as a chariot for the Sun God. Konark Temple was designed in the form of a gorgeously decorated chariot mounted on 24 wheels , each about 10 feet in diameter, and drawn by 7 mighty horses. It is really difficult to understand, how this huge temple, every inch-space of which was so wonderfully carved, could have been completed within such a short time. Whatever that might be, the konark temple even in its present ruined state, still a wonder to the whole world. Great poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote of Konark: "here the language of stone surpasses the language of man."

For More Info please visit the following link :

Students' Affairs / Re: Heart for Humanity by DIU Family
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A good initiative indeed :)

Pharmacy / Re: ময়লা......
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Meaningful :)

Pharmacy / Re: Scientists have converted cancer cells into immune cells
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Its really interesting. For more info regarding this you can visit the following links

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Be a Leader / How to manage failure and success by A.P.J.Abdul kalam
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