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Title: Take control of Social Media
Post by: obayed on August 28, 2017, 04:57:23 PM
The internet is like the ocean: deep and fascinating, but also overwhelming. Like the ocean, the internet has many hidden treasures along with unnecessary elements. Nowadays, we are immersed in adoring cute cat-videos or 'liking' our friend's selfies. We also get into debates regarding President Donald Trump's tweets, and fancy the recent fashion of the Kardashians on Instagram. It seems as such that, most of us cannot declutch ourselves from the grasp of the World Wide Web, especially when depending upon groups, chats and event pages of the different social media platforms for both academic and entertainment purposes.

The social media and the internet may have become a necessary part of our lives, however, that does not mean we cannot make small changes to minimize its distractions and maximize our productivity. Do you wish to know how? Here are a few tips:

1. Do not wake-up and log-in instantly:

It is advised to not get indulged into stress during the first ten minutes after waking-up. These ten minutes help set your mood for the rest of the day. An excessive amount of notifications could trigger anxiety. So, the best choice is not to check your phone, or laptop, until you have woken up, groomed yourself, and had breakfast.

2. Switch off those notifications!:

There is no need to be constantly bombarded by the notification sounds of your social media apps. Simply, turn the notifications off to stop you from becoming side-tracked and distracted throughout the day.

3. Un-follow to take the lead:

The social media feed is designed to be addictive, to have us scrolling on and on for hours. However, you have the power to reduce the fruitless information of your newsfeed by simply un-following unnecessary pages. By choosing what you want to see and what you do not, you end up creating a newsfeed that is much more motivational and pedagogical. The hours that you spend now scrolling through your social media feed lead you to more productivity and inspiration.

4. A mini "to-do" list to reach your goal!:

Many a times, we log onto Facebook or Youtube in order to complete an important task. However, after logging-in, we wander and wander until we wonder, “What was it that I were actually supposed to do?" To prevent such a scenario, simply, jot down a list of the tasks you need to do on a piece of paper and then log-in. Make sure you cross-off that list before allowing yourself to wander and ponder over other tasks.

5. Get into action:

We passively consume numerous information on a daily basis through the internet. There are two sides of this coin: consuming the useless content and forgetting the useful content. While surfing, ask yourself, “Can this information be incorporated into my lifestyle or be added to my Curriculum Vitae?” If the answer is a 'No', then delete that link. If the answer is a 'Yes', make sure you do put it into action. For example, if you read about the benefits of exercising, then do try working-out, or, if you watch tutorials on video-editing, then why not edit some videos?

The old cliché "Time is valuable" still stands true to this day. How you spend your time at the present would definitely affect your future to a great extent. We are lucky to be alive during a period where we have unlimited access to knowledge and opportunities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you make the most of it and not let your chances whiter away. Follow these simple tips provided above for better productivity, better focus, and ultimately, a better you. Take control of social media and do not let it control you.
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