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Title: Financial Analysis of Retail Business Organization: A Case of Walmart Stores Inc
Post by: Samsul Alam on December 08, 2018, 09:33:12 PM
The main objective of this study is to present the Walmart’s financial performance, making the important valuation of the company. The study used quantitative method using secondary sources. The finding of this descriptive study is that Walmart is the lucrative choice for the past, present and future investors with the estimation of terminal value at the end of the fiscal year 2026 estimated US $580 billion and the fundamental value of US $736 billion. The result shows that due to the emergence of stronger competitors and for being matured, Walmart is not performing as expected by investors, but its gigantic market size will make it capable of doing business profitably over a longer period of time. The ultimate decision given for the investors is to buy. The assumption is made on in-depth financial analysis with reliable data and calculation. The study has noteworthy importance to the financial market stakeholders.

DOI: 10.20321/nilejbe.v3i5.105