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I think that, the fibre produced from the milk can only be applicable to meet special purposes. Because, it will highly be expensive to use this fibre in every kinds of wears. Besides, containing protein substances newly invented milk fibre is easily bio-degradable and it has not any toxic effect on the environmental system.

That's why, we often hear about the industrial dispute or strike. Our labor cost is still less now as compare to other countries of the World and it is now becoming difficult for the workers to survive in the Dhaka city due to daily high expenses. Industrial owners must need to be more responsible in that sense and at least they should meet the legal demands of the industrial workers.

Be a Leader / Re: WE, THE BACK BENCHER
« on: October 17, 2011, 12:20:22 PM »
Dear students, don't take the Weakness as a fault because it varies from individual to individual. But, you should try to be improved by your own supports and the supports of the respected teachers. Also the attention, curiosity, good behavior and hard working mind are very much essential to be a strong person in all aspects of life. 

Many thanks to Kaiser Hamid for the valuable information. I hope that the Students of Textile Engineering Department will be happy to know about it.

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