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Pharmacy / Basal Cell Cancer: Surgery Is Your Best Option
« on: October 27, 2011, 11:26:33 AM »
Under the umbrella of skin cancer, the most common type is basal cell cancer. Surgery can get rid of this problem but it is malignant in nature. This is mainly because it causes disfigurement. People who are light skinned are at a greater risk of being diagnosed with this kind of cancer in areas of the body that are regularly exposed to sun rays. Basal cell cancer surgery needs to be carried out if the condition has reached a stage where medication cannot help the patient.

While basal cell cancer is the least dangerous compared to its other relatives, it still causes certain amount of damage to the area where it forms and the surrounding tissue. Its malignant nature allows it to physically manifest itself in the form of a nodule not very different from what an acne scar looks like. However, this small nodule could bleed, crust, heal, and reopen again on a regular basis. This is when people realize that this is much more than just a scar.

Time is of the essence in such cases and you need to make sure that you visit a general physician or a dermatologist as soon as you notice a small ulcer forming on your skin. The doctor might ask you to go in for a biopsy in order to learn more about the ulcer on your skin. If detected in the initial stages, basal cell cancer can be eradicated with least amount of damage done to your skin. However, the longer you wait the more chances of it destroying tissue around the affected area.

The head and neck are the most common regions where basal cell cancer usually strikes. However, sometimes the torso area might also be affected. Surgery will either get rid of the cancerous cells entirely or radiation may also be used to stop it from burrowing through the skin and tissue. Mohs chemosurgery is used in order to get rid of this disease from its root and in a controlled manner.

According to skin specialists, basal cell cancer surgery is the only option when the lesion has begun to cause a lot of damage to the area where it has formed. This is also known as rodent ulcers as it burrows through skin, bone, and muscle if not treated in a timely and appropriate manner. Visit a doctor as soon as possible if you notice a weird looking blister on your skin.

Basal cell cancer surgery is the only option when the lesion has begun to cause a lot of damage to the area where it has formed. Visit Skin Cancer Los Angeles for more information.

Article Source:

Real Estate / What Type Of Families Do You Want To Attract to Your Home?
« on: October 27, 2011, 10:55:21 AM »
Since we have started converting and acquiring additional properties using the Rent To Own strategy and sharing/teaching our ideas with other investors, we get asked this question all the time.... 'why don't you buy cheaper homes and rent out the upstairs and downstairs?'

Yes, that is another way of investing. Neither style is wrong, we have tried them both. We just like to share with you what has worked for us successfully and has had the least amount of headaches. The first step is to ask yourself a few important questions then decide.

What type of tenants are you trying to attract into your home? Depending on the type of home you choose, this could attract different types of families. In your mind you may think a detached 1200 sq. ft. home may be more desirable than a town home that is 1700 sq ft. But the reality is people prefer space. Purchasing a smaller home may attract families with no more than 3 people only, vs. a larger property that can attract all types of family dynamics.

What type of area do I want to buy in and how important is location? Many investors want the lowest price they can find for their investment property. Purchasing a home in a less desirable part of the city will attract a less desirable type of tenant. If you find a beautiful home- in a beautiful neighbourhood- you will find tenants that are more stable and are more likely to purchase the home at the end of the term.

What's the turnover rate for your strategy? High turnover in your tenancy is usually a good indicator of unstable renters. This could vary from low income/no income to those individuals personal situations. Rent to Own looks at income and job stability. You are not trying to attract students, tenants on unemployment or on government assistance.

Is there an incentive for them to appreciate and care for the home? If you choose location over purchase price, this automatically gives you leverage to increase the monthly price of the rent- over market value. For example, if market rent (in the area) is $1400, our tenants will expect and to pay $1500-$1600- because of the location.

Are they stable in their lives and jobs? For the most part yes- many of our tenants make over 6 figures- but only claim a quarter- if they can prove they earn the amount necessary to afford the rent- they can have the option to become RTO tenants. They understand they have 3 years to claim more income, so they can take ownership at the end of the term.

Other things to keep in mind when you are purchasing an investment property:

Curb appeal: What feeling will your prospective tenant/buyer have when they see the home from the street? Will they feel proud when their friends and family come over? Remember this, ugly homes repel good tenants.

Condition: How old is the home and have the major wallet breakers been upgraded? We prefer newer homes and we want to make sure the furnace, roof and windows are all in good condition. Guess what... so do your tenants moving in. Trust me, it's less work and maintenance.

A good neighborhood: The ideal tenant will want to live in a home in a nice area. If they feel they are in a neighbourhood where they feel safe and their kids can play, you'll attract the right tenants to your home.

At the end of the day, either investment strategy will work, it just depends on how much work you want to do and how many cash producing properties you want to own with the least amount of phone calls?

About the Author:

Gary Hibbert is a Canadian Real Estate investor. He uses a very smart and proven Rent to Own technique that provides a win win scenario for both the investor and the tenant. His technique of buying beautiful homes in beautiful neighbourhoods has proven to be a great concept and strategy he share with others investors. Visit Gary and his team at

Software Fair as regular event / 15 Questions to Ask Your Software Vendor
« on: October 27, 2011, 10:45:24 AM »
When making a decision to buy any piece of software there are a number of criteria typically evaluated. One of the most important elements in the decision process is the strength of the company that builds the software. In fact a survey of 19,000 customers has identified that company strength is the most important factor in choosing software, with the price of the software being the fifth most important element.

In evaluating a company's strength I would suggest you ask the following 15 questions, the answers to which will provide invaluable information in determining the viability of the company, their processes and their commitment to the product you are reviewing.

1. How long have you been in business?

2. When was you last upgrade released? When is the next one planned?

3. What's involved in doing an upgrade?

a. an your customer's do it?
b. re upgrades included in your annual fee?
c. Are they downloadable from your website?
d. Is documentation (installation instructions etc) included with the upgrades?

4. Are manuals available for the software?

5. Does the software update cost include phone based tech support?

6. What percentage of customers are current with their annual support contract?

7. Where is the product heading? Technology/Functionality ? When do you plan to get their?

8. When did you last put your prices up?

9. Are you planning for the next release of Windows yet?

10. Can i build my own reports?

11. Why did you choose your current development platform?

12. What does it cost to have someone come onsite a fix a problem?

13. Who does the training, are there scheduled courses?

14. Can i talk to a customer who implemented in the last 6 months?

15. How much have you spent on research and development in the last 12 months?

Importantly there is no right or wrong answer to these questions, and the answers may vary greatly from one vendor to another. There are however some answers that should throw up a red flag:

Question 6 - This is generally a good guage of customer satisfaction. If the vendor can not provide this information, or is not willing to do so then you can anticipate a support issue or poor customer satisfaction with the product.

Question 10 - You should always have the ability to get to your own data. If you require a programmer to build new reports then you will consistently be biting into your ROI.

Question 14 - If the vendor skirts around this issue then they are uncomfortable letting you talk to a recent customer and therefore maybe hiding something from you, perhaps a deficiency in their product or in their implementation process.

Question 15 - The answer to this question identifies how 'productised' the software is. A vendor who regularly evaluates their customer's future requirements and spends money on building these into their product is committed to it's current customers. A vendor who spends money only 'as required' is probably not so committed to building a great product as they are to getting sales.

When getting answers to these questions please also consider that their may be legitmate commercial reasons as to why a question can not be answered, however at a bear minimum your vendor should be able to provide some background into their reasons for not answering.

There are another four important criteria upon which any experienced buyer will evaluate a software purchase which will be covered in future articles.

About the author :
Jay McCormack has had years of experience in the web and software industry. Most recently he launched

Why are brushed steel drinking bottles better than plastic drinking bottles?

It's evident that global pollution is becoming a severe worldwide phenomenon and several nations are trying their greatest to curb their air, noise and water pollution. Water pollution is really a severe scenario and its major reason will be the overuse of plastic drinking bottles.

Everyone needs to drink water frequently to maintain their body hydrated and in top condition. The water bottles that we store the water in is also an important factor that most people sadly do not pay correct attention to. Most individuals are unaware about the health hazards that can arise because of continuous use of plastic reusable bottles. On the other side, green items like stainless steel drinking bottles can provide healthy and safe water to drink on a normal basis without any kind of contamination.

A handful of the prominent health advantages of utilizing steel drinking bottles over plastic bottles are as follows.

1) These bottles do not include dangerous polycarbonates

Polycarbonate is a high efficiency plastic which is generally used in most cars, digital devices, sports equipment and construction materials. It's also utilized in the manufacturing of plastic drinking bottles. Now most of these reusable plastic water bottles contain harmful chemicals that will be detrimental for our well being.

On the other side, all types of steel water bottles are totally free from all types of polycarbonates. They are usually made up of green goods and food grade steel will be the major component of these bottles that is fully environment friendly.

2) Steel bottles are free from Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A (BPA) is the main component of polycarbonate and it is used in all plastic water bottles. Now the plastic material has the natural tendency of leaching chemicals in towards the water. This leaching is generally boosted due to the warm or boiling water. Following nearly 200 lab animal tests, it has been discovered out that even a slightest BPA exposure can produce serious neural, reproductive and developmental health concerns in human beings.

The primary health matters which have been linked with BPA exposure are weight problems, diabetes, cancer, hyperactivity, low sperm count, impaired female reproductively, prostate cancer, etc. On the other side, stainless steel drinking bottles are fully totally free from BPA materials and they don't include any harmful chemicals. In contrast to plastic water bottles, they don't interact or leach chemicals in towards the water and they are entirely chemical free and safe for our health.

3) They are highly dependable, durable, handy and friendly to the environment items

When compared to plastic bottles, steel water bottles are much more durable and simple to handle. They will not get dents or don't break effortlessly. These bottles are extremely portable and most of them have insulated material inside the bottle which can keep the water at the exact same temperature for longer period of time with out any degradation. They are also very simple to wash and clean when compared with plastic drinking bottles. The most important factor above all is brushed steel bottles are totally biodegradable and simple to recycle.

By Adam Padovani
Article Source:

IT Forum / Cloud computing: A Threat to Indian Outsourcers?
« on: October 27, 2011, 10:31:19 AM »
Cloud computing, defined as a subscription-based or pay-per-use service that in real time, and over the Internet, extends existing capabilities of Information Technology, remains at an early stage of conceptual development. Services do range from full scale applications such as accounting and storage to niche services such as spam filtering.

Proponents of cloud computing contend that it erodes the requirements for major capital expenditures on IT infrastructure to customer applications. However, will cloud computing replace outsourcing and does Cloud computing "represents a fundamental shift in how financial companies pay for and access IT services?"

Cloud computing differs from traditional outsourcing in a number of respects. The contractual commitments, sometimes defined as subscriptions, tend to be for short periods of time, as little as a session to a month. The contracts rarely have up-front tariff charges.

The services are available are on demand but, while cloud computing services may be capable of some scaling they are most certainly not capable of unlimited instant scaling and addition of near unlimited resource. Semantically, cloud computing may be defined as "instant outsourcing."

Indian outsourcers may consider extending their outsourcing services to the cloud computing domain, where their existing IT infra-structure services have spare resources capacity. They do have the resources to fill that gap in instant outsourcing through almost unlimited scaling and addition of near unlimited resources.

Where Indian outsourcers consider formally entering the area of cloud computing services, they should position cloud computing services as separate and distinct from their existing outsourcing services, containing no overlapping services with core outsourcing, even to existing clients. Pricing models differ.

While delivery of cloud computing services may be personalized, its services and service strategy is not collaborative. Outsourcers may consider using cloud computing as a means of selling non-core applications and services, which can impede the financial incremental benefits of major outsourcing contracts.

Many institutions, particularly in the financial services sector, are unlikely to entrust major aspects of data use and application to cloud computing services, unless and until their trust in those services has grown.

So, issues such as data security, systems integration, unexpected and tactical demand for capacity will be critical service hurdles that all cloud computing providers will have to clear to engage major clients in cloud computing in core areas of their technology structure and services provision.

Major external technology service provision is likely to remain a traditional strategically based outsourcing service. The need to respond tactically and spontaneously to immediate and short term business demands will erode the non-core elements of technology outsourcing.

If cloud computing can position itself an element of strategic information technology planning, then it will start to make more substantial inroads into traditional outsourcing.

By: Bob McDowall
Senior Consulting Analyst with the Aite Group.
(Originally published in The Economic Times, Mumbai April 26, 2011)

Retail Management Software Solutions can help in boosting your sales and reducing the cost thereby increasing profit margins. It can help both directly and indirectly in helping you gain and retain customers. You can secure key information on transactions, taxes, customer details, etc. The easing of complicated processes results in swift service which results in customer satisfaction. Your customers will give you repeated business, if technology assists you in serving them better.

The data recorded and generated in retail management software solutions get stored in a single database that serves the data to all the required systems. A retail business owner merely has to set aside some time to monitor the accurate reports each and every day on the sales, taxes, revenues, incomes and profits. It performs a string of calculations that are interrelated. From inventory management to order processing to highest sold items, retail management software solutions would be the most ideal technology for your business.

If the bills are processed quicker and if your customers are sent back home with their purchases with a short waiting time, they would vastly appreciate it. Retail management software solutions do not only process orders and calculate them. They also are compatible with debit card and credit card payments to make it more comfortable for the customers, since they do not need to carry huge wads of cash. In addition to all these, customer information will help you track regular customers and their purchases. You can hence provide discounts and special offers to them to increase their loyalty towards your store.

It is not rocket science to learn that most successful businesses are run by loyal customers and their referrals to other customers. Special purchase cards can also be provided to your customers, which will be effectively managed by your retail management software solutions. This tool also assists you in planning, launching and executing your marketing strategies to their fullest potential and gets you the best results out of them.

Sales data and reports generated out of online sales will also be accessed via these retail management software solutions. The huge database does not only generate reports but also keeps a record of your long term sales, taxes, revenues and incomes. Furthermore, retail management software solutions keep an eye on your inventory to help you make purchase decisions.

Even customers can look up their purchase history to reference their purchases at any time. Retail management software solutions are not only expected to be bought but are expected to be used. Customers want you to use them, although implied indirectly. They would not like a store that is low on technology.

From the business perspective, it is an almost mandatory upgrade in technology to keep you ahead in the business race. Almost all the software solutions are highly customized as each store has some aspect that differs from the other.


Wool is the most useful fiber with outstanding properties. Its warmth, moisture absorbency, drapability, resiliency, flame retardancy make it ideal for numerous applications in apparel and interior. Moreover, it is green being a renewable resource and ecofriendly.

It has been observed that in case of wool, dyeing is the most commonly used technique to enhance aesthetic appeal. Printing is not commonly used either at small scale or large scale to produce beautiful attractive designs. It has been reported that hardly 2% of total wool in the world is printed. This is because of physical and morphological nature of wool. The hairy nature of woolen fabric operates against the production of fine, crisp designs which may be printed on the smooth fabric. Wool does not normally absorb the print paste very well, which may be because of scales on its surface.

Wool fiber consists of two morphological parts, cuticle and cortex. Cuticle is composed of overlapping epithelial cells or scales. Although function of these scales is to protect wool from weather, abrasion etc., it is the main hindrance in efficient and uniform processing of wool. The scales offer hydrophobicity decreasing absorbency to dyes and chemicals. Any violation of this layer promotes dye absorbency of wool.

Chemical modification of wool can be done at mild process conditions. Chemical treatment brings about change in the surface characteristics specially the scaly layer and in the chemical nature of wool fiber which makes fiber more receptive of dyes resulting in different colour yield, fixation and colour fastness properties.

Various chemicals and auxiliaries are used to bring about modification in physical structure or to help in swelling of fiber or dissolution of dyes. Conventional procedure for chemical modification of wool is chlorination. It is a pretreatment which has dual advantage of opening the cuticle, the barrier in diffusion of dye into fiber, together with preventing the felting shrinkage which may otherwise distort the printed designs. Chlorination results in toxic byproducts, hence it is considered non-ecofriendly. Study conducted by Purwar and Pant has shown that proteolytic enzymes can be used as replacement of chlorine treatment. The enzyme treatment improved printability and texture of wool but there was some loss in strength of wool.

Auxiliaries can be incorporated in printing paste to modify printability. Singh and Pant printed wool by incorporating monoethanol amine and benzyl alcohol in printing paste of acid dye. Both the chemicals improved colour depth of printed wool but monoethanol amine was more effective than benzyl alcohol. There was slight loss in strength after addition of amine. Fastness of prints to light, rubbing, and ironing was not altered.

Presence of monoethanol amine in print paste leads to increase in swelling of wool on steaming which provides more accessibility to the dye molecules. There is better penetrability of dye inside the fiber. One reason for the improvement in colour value on addition of benzyl alcohol is modification of fiber structure which is disrupted by benzyl alcohol. Another reason may be that benzyl alcohol causes quicker swelling of fiber during steaming which facilitates diffusion of dye molecules in the fiber.

Redox system can also be used to enhance dye fixation and printing performance. Purwar and Pant found modification in printability of wool after incorporating urea/ammonium persulphate redox system in printing paste. Moreover, strength of wool also improved. Redox system creates new active sites on both fiber and dye structure thereby enhancing the extent of dye fixation.

Diethylene glycol, an excellent solvent can also be used to improve printing performance of wool. The dye instead of remaining as aggregates converts into molecular form and can enter in the fiber easily.

Brady studied effect of selected pretreatments such as modified sirolan BPA finish and tetra ethylene pentamine. Pretreatments resulted in rapid, even deposition of dyes on wool fabric and produced good colour yields. Chen gave low plasma treatment to wool fabric before printing with acid dye and found deeper colour yield with good even prints.

Thus printability of wool can be improved either by pretreatment with chemicals or by incorporating auxiliaries in printing paste.


    1. Gupta S. (1991) Printing and dyeing of wool. The Indian Textile Journal. pp 40
    2. Purwar S.and Pant S. (2004). A study on effect of enzymatic pretreatment and selected specialty   chemicals on wool printing. Masters thesis, Banasthali University.
    3. Singh N. and Pant S. (2004) Modifying the printing behavior of wool by chemical pretreatment. Masters thesis, Banasthali University.

There are thousands of ways to market your company, but investing in logo apparel is a way to really get your name out into the eyes of the public. Your company logo imprinted across various items of clothing will travel everywhere its wearer goes. And as a result, everyone with whom the wearer comes in contact with will take not of your brand.

Due to the fact that logo apparel is seen by many people, it is important to pick the right item in order to portray your brand in the best light. However, there is a wide variety of logo apparel available, and it can often be tricky to know how to choose an item that will fit with your target audience or promotional needs. Shopping for logo apparel online can help you solve this problem; a promotional products website allows you to compare items side by side. In addition, many promotional products suppliers have dedicated account teams that can provide suggestions and help you find items to fit your event.


Are you attending a trade show and want to increase brand recognition? Logo apparel can provide the perfect solution. Outfit your employees in matching polo shirts, branded with a company logo, and opt to give hats or cotton t-shirts to attendees as giveaways. Or perhaps you are looking for logo apparel that can enhance brand loyalty amongst students on a college campus. Promotional flip flops and beanie hats are ideal items for younger audiences. Looking for items for more mature audiences? There are many different promotional golf apparel items that are available to be customized with a company name and logo. In fact, spending your advertising dollars on apparel for the golf course can be incredibly cost-efficient and effective, as many important business meetings take place on the green.


As you can see, logo apparel comes in a variety of styles. It also comes in an array of colors, sizes, and materials too. You can find hats, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys and outwear in varying hues, so you can always match your giveaways with your company's logo. You will also find logo apparel in corresponding men's and women's styles, so you can ensure that all recipients look their best while still keeping your team or department looking unified. And, logo apparel is an ideal way to promote your brand year-round. For example, lightweight t-shirts and custom caps with moisture wicking technology make great giveaways to keep recipients cool during the hot summer months. Vests and fleece jackets, on the other hand, are ideal corporate holiday gifts during the cold winter months. Due to their high functionality, recipients are likely to keep their logo apparel for months to come. After all, everyone loves a free t-shirt.


Thus, if you're looking for a fun and effective way to market your company, choose from the wide selection of logo apparel. And, if you need help finding the perfect item for your event or target audience, be sure to shop online through a promotional products vendor.



To find worker’s grievances at textile industries in Bangladesh, I did a survey with a specific questionnaire. On the basis of survey I have found that each and every worker has their own grievances. Some has many grievances and some has few grievances. I have got many grievances from their own point of view. There are some common grievances of all the workers. Some of their common grievances are -
•   Inadequate wages
•   Absence of trade union
•   Lack of collective bargaining
•   Delay in payment
•   Lack of medical benefits
•   Lack of transportation & accommodation facilities
•   Safety practice
•   Increments
•   Compensation
•   Promotion
•   Disciplinary action
•   Fines
•   Condition of Work
•   Breach of international working hour
•   Inadequate vacation

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