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English / Dream Within Dream.....a poem
« on: December 25, 2010, 11:07:00 PM »
Dream Within Dream

I am in a jungle and it is season of flower
The trees around me are new with their beauty
I move forward and enchanted
No song of bird, silence is all about covered
Leaves are in various shapes and colours
I am not afraid of touching, I touch, touch with pleasure
Green is my shadow; I found: I feel strange.

I am moving fast in the splendour
No path is there, no animal, no human
I am searching for whatever ‘life’
I fail and try, try and fail
I am tired in the glamour,
hungry and thirsty too.
I want to hear something
I need to talk to someone
I am drowsy or sleepy-

What they are doing,
so amazing,
oh they are flying two men
Dedaelus and his child
‘Hi Dedaelus, you are so popular’
‘Hmm, now escaping’
‘Nice wings, where are you going? ’
‘Aether has a great love for you,
you can fly without such a things’
‘Icarus is flying towards the sun’
‘He is excited, I have warned him’
‘Ah zeus! He is in such high,
He’ll be fallen into the sea, do something’
‘It is not in my control’

English / A Blank Page (a poem)
« on: October 23, 2010, 12:43:54 AM »
A blank page

What are you expected for
And what do you get
History of war, or a letter of love
Are you satisfied my blank sheet

What colours you do favour
What matters you do fond
A doctor can express the treatment of a patient
A grocer can keep his account
A sentence of death can be written

You can carry the news from unseen
You can bear the loving poem of a poet
You can be a certificate of one’s existence

A deed of peace may be arranged in you
Childish lines after lines in you may convey nothing
By having all the possibilities may be you remained blank
What do you desire, what do you ... prayer?

Heritage/Culture / বৈপরীত্য
« on: October 02, 2010, 03:33:10 AM »

চ ম ক হাসান

নিভিয়ে ফেলব বলেই কি আমরা দীপ জ্বালি না?
আর প্রত্যেকটি শুরুর পিঠে আশার নাম বসিয়ে দেই না সমাপ্তির

আমাদের বৈপরীত্য-
আমাদের মিলনে
আমাদের সৃজনে
শ্রেষ্ঠত্বের আসনে আলো  কে বসিয়ে-
অবসর যাপন করি আঁধারে
আর প্রত্যেকটি সমাধীক্ষেত্র দেখে
অলৌকিক দেখে নেই নিজের।

আমাদের অস্তিত্ব আমাদের দু:খে
সুখগুলো কেবলই কাল্পনিক, আর
দ্রুতগামী কোন কামুক পাখির ডানায় ভর করে
চলে যায় স্বদেশে, এ যেন মহান প্রত্যাবর্তণ।

স্বল্প দৈর্ঘ্য অস্তিত্ব পিচ্ছিল পথে
স্বল্পকেই মান্য করে সুদীর্ঘ।

English / Mercy is my prayer (a poem)
« on: September 01, 2010, 02:14:12 AM »
Mercy is my prayer

O Lord, O Judgment day, O Justice
Forgive me,
Forgive me
I found You always there
You are near, very near and closest to my heart
But, unable I to understand Myself and You

I attached myself here and there
Doing trivials
Ignoring time
You are within me, You are there but I quest You not

O Lord my friend for eternity
Forgive me,
Forgive me
I surrender the self to You
My guilty is of no mercy
But by virtue of Yours
Not do the judge upon me
Mercy is my prayer

Please allow me to walk in your liking way
Promise and confession,
   Please allow to keep in the life line
Allah, the sender and the lord of kind forgive me. 

English / poetry; a glimpse
« on: July 22, 2010, 08:18:25 PM »
poetry; a glimpse

Poetry is the innermost truth of a poet conveyed through language. Poetry does a job of messenger, performs collecting message from the poet and delivering to the readers. Poets write those messages with beautiful and rhythmic language, though sometimes they overlook the rhythm. The style and diction of a poet may differ from others. Almost every language can be found in the world of poetry and one language's poet can borrow the others' style and form of poetry.

The narrative poetry includes two popular forms of poetry - Epic and Ballad, and has other two forms they are- idylls and lays. Where as lyric poetry includes most of the other forms poetry such as Elegy, Ode, Sonnet, Metaphysical Poetry etc.

So far I am concerned with English poetry, I found that English poets acquired some forms from Greek-literature which are having popularity such as epic and Ode.

Man is a rational and thinking being, capable of imagination. A poet is a man; he speaks to men, or, explains or simply represents the society in poetry. In these regard the forms of poetry is not most important side of a poem, but the forms help the reader to understand and enjoy the whole poem.

We can compare poetry to a canvas of a painter, several painters may depict several things and can use different colours, like those painters poets can tell different things, can use different forms of style in the canvas of the poetry.
To understand different types/forms of poetry one should study from the beginning to contemporary poetry. History is the greatest witness of all the forms of the poetry.

I have lost my mobile yesterday, now i am going to withdraw the number. In my previous mobile i have an important message which contains my password of upcoming "assistant teacher recruitment test". Now is there any way in GP to get back the message again? If you know the process, please reply me.

English / Intellectual theft; Plagiarism
« on: June 01, 2010, 09:26:18 PM »
Plagiarism is an act that can be defined as intellectual theft. I always love to read the origin works. It is not the matter of quantity, it is the matter of producing own thought, and whenever necessary to put others thought into things, and in that regards all that one can do is mentioning those.

Please do refer others whenever you have used others' a single line, if it is hard to collect the name and other necessary information please mention that things also.

I hope everyone will realize the fact and avoid unwanted Plagiarism. I am writing here this fact only because of finding some writings which can be blamed as plagiarism.

Common Forum / Intellectual theft; Plagiarism
« on: June 01, 2010, 09:24:21 PM »
Plagiarism is an act that can be defined as intellectual theft. I always love to read the origin works. It is not the matter of quantity, it is the matter of producing own thought, and whenever necessary to put others thought into things, and in that regards all that one can do is mentioning those.

Please do refer others whenever you have used others' a single line, if it is hard to collect the name and other necessary information please mention that things also.

I hope everyone will realize the fact and avoid unwanted Plagiarism. I am writing here this fact only because of finding some writings which can be blamed as plagiarism.

Common Forum / help me regarding access of e-journal
« on: May 03, 2010, 04:43:14 PM »

I want to have the access of e-journals. The journal which is attached with the library websites. Namely Oxford, Cambridge and so on. Please help me...

English / Assignment of Mamunur Rashid Attn. UK Mam
« on: May 02, 2010, 11:51:22 PM »
Prince Zeyn

“Prince Zyen” is a well known story of a young prince who owns his beloved through an exam. It’s a story of true love.

Once there was a prince of rich and good king in Balsora. The king died when prince was very young. King had a faithful slave named Mobarec. And there was a King of Genni, from whom Prince Zeyn’s father got eight statues. King kept all his treasures under his room. After the death of his father, one day Zeyn had a dream of those treasures. And he got those. But there was a massage written on ninth pedestal. That was-“The nineth statue is the most beautiful.Go to Cairo and find the slave, Mobarec.”

Then Prince Zeyn went to Mobarec and Mobarec took him to King of the Genii. King of the Genni told Prince Zeyn that, he will give him the ninth statue if Zeyn will be able to present him a maiden who has never in her life spoken an angry word or thought of anger. King of the Genni also gave Prince Zeyn a magical mirror, in which only the right maiden will be able to see her face.

Then with the help of that mirror Prince Zeyn and Mobarec found that maiden in Bagdad. But, according her father’s condition, Zeyn had to take her from her father by doing her marry. Zeyn already loved her. And when he gave her to King of Genni,s hand, Zeyn felt so sad and wished to get her back instead of that ninth statue. As King Zeyn loved her truly and wanted her instead of that statue, when Zeyn came in front of that ninth statue with his mother, he found that- it was not made of diamonds; it was the perfect maiden whom he did love.

Here we see that a young prince had to loose his beloved towards his promise. But as his love was true, he got back his beloved.

So the moral of the story is, a true love does always win.

English / Assignment of Cute Chakma (Attn. UK madam)
« on: April 24, 2010, 01:24:54 PM »

Alice in Wonderland -Wonderland is a world of wonders, a world where fairy or elf-like creatures and humans meet and talk with one another!!!

Alice in Wonderland is a story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole & finds herself in a peculiar land. She went to visit garden with her sister. While her sister was reading book Alice was taking a nap and dreaming. Alice saw a white rabbit run into a hole of oak tree. She ran after it and reached on a heap of dry leaves at the foot of deep whole. Alice came to a room and saw a golden key which lay on a glass table. Whenever she took the key a little door opened hidden behind a curtain. Alice knelt down and saw a tunnel no bigger than a rat’s whole. At the end of the tunnel she saw a nice garden and wished to reach there. She came back to table and saw a bottle. Then she drunk the bottle’s liquid and became tiny. But she had forgotten to take the key. Afterward, Alice saw a pink cake box under the table. Alice thought that she will grow big all the way through eating the cake. She ate cake and grew until she touched the roof. She started to weep and soon she was standing in a pool of tears. Then the rabbit brought gloves and a fan. Alice put one of them on and became the right size to go into the garden. Suddenly her foot slipped and fell into the pool of tears. Perhaps it was the sudden dip in to the cool water which made her wake up with a scream. Alice found that she had been dreaming after all.

Critical Analysis:

The story essentially is about a journey of dreaming world. In the story, Alice is curious because she is very young and still finding out about the world around her. She curious about the food and drink she would find in her journey, she always ate and drank beverages she would never known just to figure out what its taste or what it’s used for. Throughout the novel she grows up and matures because she starts to unlock the illogical reasoning of Wonderland and begins to respect their weird habits. Even through all the confusion, she still finds home at the end of the novel. The journey is interesting because a tremendous amount of trauma, grief, discomfort, and confusion as Alice bodies begin to change in new and unfamiliar ways. The story develops with logic in ways that have given the story lasting popularity with children as well as adults. The goal of this story is to hold the interest of children. But it is a frightening fable about the adverse and inevitable loss of childhood innocence.

Massages of the Story:

Curiosity comes from a desire to find answers to questions and a want to learn. It is not inherently bad to be curious. It is natural and normal to be curious.

Submitted By: Cute Chakma

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (7th Edition)-

Fluency: the quality of being able to speak or write a language, especially a foreign language, easily and well. For the poll, the definition is modified in this way- the quality of being able to speak, especially English language, easily and well.

Accuracy: the state of being exact or correct: the ability to do something skillfully without making mistakes. For the poll, the definition is modified in this way- the state of being exact or correct in speech situation without making mistake.

English / Assignment on "The story of Aladdin and the wonderful lamp"
« on: April 20, 2010, 11:21:05 AM »
The story of Aladdin and the wonderful lamp


Mustafa is a tailor lived in one of the large cities of China. Mustafa is a poor man. He, his only son Aladdin and wife are the family members. Aladdin is a lazy boy, his father has tried many times to give up his idle habits but failed. Mustafa died cause of illness, soon the family falls on great trouble. One day a stranger, magician meets him and tells Aladdin that he is uncle to him. The magician spends money for Aladdin and his mother and make them believed that he is the brother of Mustafa. Magician brings Aladdin with him in a cave and shows some magic, then gives him a magic ring. Magician asks him to enter into the cave and bring out a lamp from there. Aladdin realizes soon after the catching of the Lamp that the person is a fraud. He asks the magician firstly the magician should help him to come out from the cave as a reply to the magician asking to give him the Lamp.  Then the magician closes the cave entrance by stones. A genie is come out from the ring and help Aladdin to get rescue. Aladdin discovers that a powerful genie is hidden in the Lamp. He gets lots of property through the genie. He marries the princess, the daughter of the Sultan. He has offered enormous rare precious things to the Sultan to marry the princess. He also builds a   palace in front of the Sultan palace. All he has done through the genie from the lamp. Aladdin lives quite happily till one day when he goes for hunt in a nearby forest. The magician comes again and captures the lamp from Aladdin’s wife through trickery. The magician removes the palace to Africa. Sultan arrests Aladdin and asks that where his daughter is. Aladdin understands what might be happened. He rubs the magical ring and asks the genie to bring the palace, the genie replies that he can’t do that because the genie of the lamp is more powerful than him. Then Aladdin asks him to take him to the place where the palace and his wife are. The genie helps him, and then he has killed the magician with the help of his wife. He again captures the lamp and rubs it so that genie can come out. He demands the genie to return the palace to the place where it was. Now Aladdin and his family live happily.

Critical Comment:

The story is taken from the Arabian Nights. It is a long story and includes supernatural elements like Genie. The story is very interesting in the sense that Aladdin can do or have whatever he wants to do. Though he is lazy all through his life but he is blessed by the Lamp and the magic ring. The Genie is bound to do anything that the Lamp owner wants. The story has all the features that are needed for to be a good one. The plot development is linear time line. The rise and fall, then rise and fall of climax take place in the story. The events are quite mythical. Children may be enjoyed the story very much rather than the adults.

Moral: Be aware of trickery.

Submitted by:
Md Kumrul Hasan
ID # 093-22-135

Dear Kumrul,

I enjoyed the critical comment though I am an adult. Good writing.  I consider internet as Aladdin's Lamp.

keep on posting.

UK madam

English / Re-arrange (poem)
« on: March 01, 2010, 03:13:19 PM »

If life be a shelf
If I be the caretaker
I should arrange it in order
After every storm of

Each and every moment will find place
Such a place where it looks beautiful
I will not remove any one to make nil
Artistic consideration will get space

But life is time
But it is flown
Reversely forest to town
It can’t be made lame

Therefore unable was I
Therefore moment only knows to run
I closed my eyes and open
and find new world each time and bye

English / "Message" (poem)
« on: December 29, 2009, 01:12:19 PM »

When I consider personal self
I find there distortion of ideas
And so many things I left those I should do
They flicker, remind and claim love
I feel, but can’t touch
Because of rigid contemplation

When I consider universal self
I find there unfulfilled promises
And so many things I left those I should do
They cry, make aware and claim right
I densely feel, but can’t give
Because of being mere human.

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