Author Topic: 4. Administrative Issues - Implementation Plan for Permanent Campus  (Read 150 times)

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Admin Issues - Implementation Plan

1.   Syllabus design and development proper course allotment
2.   Classroom and faculty room facility counseling space
3.   Quick registration collaboration

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Re: 4. Administrative Issues - Implementation Plan for Permanent Campus
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The faculties sometime have no space to sit. This problem is mostly faced by part-time teachers and the teachers who take classes in different campuses of DIU. All he can do is waiting for another teacher to give him some place to sit. I think, every faculty must have a fixed place to sit along with a computer as it is a IT based university. Moreover, counselling space is necessary. The teachers have a narrow place to sit. When students come to them, they stand and many of them can't come at the same time. So for counselling a bigger space is necessary. 
Shahadat Hossain
Lecturer in Physics
Department of Natural Sciences