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Professional Occupations in Multimedia


M Z Karim:
Professional Occupations in Multimedia
Currently, there is no agreement on a standard definition of the term "multi-media."  Although technically, multimedia is the convergence of two or more forms of media, the popular usage of the term implies using computers to create multimedia products which are then distributed not just on computers, but on any electronic medium including television, kiosk, the Internet and the World Wide Web.  Likewise, "multimedia industry" is a general term often used to identify businesses and people who create, promote, or distribute multimedia products.  However, it should be understood that this definition is not really accurate since multimedia is not a discrete industry, but rather a form of communication that can be applied to any industry.  Since no standard definitions exist, this Guide relies upon the general or popularly understood meanings of these two terms.

The term "multimedia specialist" is sometimes used to describe a person working in the multimedia industry.  The term itself, however, does not  describe the work a person does but only the environment or industry in which he or she works.  The final multimedia product might be an electronic book or magazine, a kiosk, a corporate training program, an interactive game, or educational program.  To create such a product requires contributions from experts in many specialized areas.  Therefore a multimedia specialist might be someone who creates the program's content (such as a graphic designer, an animator, or a video-grapher), or someone who processes the content into a final product (such as a sound, video or text editor, or a computer programmer), or someone who manages these people and processes (such as a producer, director, or a project manager).  Each of these people becomes a member of the multimedia project team, combining his or her special talents and experience with those of other experts to produce
the final product.


Job Skills Needed:
  -- Ability to work as a member of a team.
  -- Ability to clearly communicate ideas.
  -- Ability to quickly and accurately understand the goals and
     Objectives of the project.
  -- Ability to be organized.
  -- Ability to use the computer tools required to complete the project.

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