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                                                              â€˜â€™The Babes in the Wood’’   

Once  upon  a  time  there  was (were) two children in a big house on the borders of a wood with their parents. One sad day, their father and mother died. The children had a greedy uncle; he knew that if he could get rid of the children all the money would be his. He hired two robbers to kill the children. But the robbers left alone them in the wood. Then they got squirrels, robin, owl as their friends who helped them to meet with their Grannie.

Critical appreciation:

“Babes in the Wood” is a traditional children’s tale, as well as a popular pantomime subject. It has also been the name of some other unrelated works. The expression has passed into common language, referring to inexperienced innocents entering unawares into any potentially dangerous or hostile situation.

After the death of their parents, they left in the care of an Uncle who  had lust for money and property of the children. Finally ,the two children were rescued and got shelter in their Grandmothers house.

Through this story, we have found how the the children (were) deprived from their rights and faced dangerous situation in the wood and how they(were) rescued by the help of the birds in the wood. Actually, in our society we have found some people are behaved (behave) like a beast(beasts). Here the children’s uncle who was a selfish, cruel, greedy as a beast. On the other hand the animals of the wood became friend of the children and help(helped) them to rescue from the dangerous situation.

God always blesses the innocents.

Name:Syeda  Roksana
Course  title:Post-Colonial Theory & Literature
Course  code: 514  

Thank you Roksana for  submitting. You summarized it very well. But there are some mistakes in use of verbs and also in sentence construction that i have marked and corrected. You also have to learn passive form. If you join a sentence with who there should be two clauses.
Anyway, good luck!

Uk mam
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