Cyber crime in Developing Countries

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Cyber crime in Developing Countries
« on: July 21, 2012, 03:51:18 PM »
British researchers say they’re focusing on developing nations to determine how cyberattacks are likely to evolve in coming years.

Cybercriminals in developing nations are being targeted in a new effort to combat the illegal activity, the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance, based in Britain, said.
The alliance is a coalition of law enforcement agencies, security companies and businesses.
Faster links to the Internet in parts of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe were likely to create problems, the researchers said, and the ICSPA would advise governments and local authorities on how best to react.

“It’s not just about putting a black mark against a particular nation because many of these countries are the unwilling hosts to cybercriminal networks,” John Lyons, the organization’s chief executive, told the BBC.

Nigeria, Botswana, Uganda and Rwanda were among nations likely to be targeted by the campaign, he said.
“So, what the ICSPA is looking to do is to work with those nations to provide support to help them improve the cyber-resilience of their national infrastructure, to aid their own economies, and to help their law enforcement groups tackle cybercriminals who work out of their country,” Lyons said.
The ICSPA watch list also includes Bulgaria, Romania, India, the Philippines and parts of Latin America, he said.

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Re: Cyber crime in Developing Countries
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Important information. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Cyber crime in Developing Countries
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Thanks for sharing.
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