Bad Practice

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Bad Practice
« on: July 22, 2012, 03:28:11 PM »
My friend, Shantunur  is a very gentle man. We really feel good when we be with him as he makes funs and delivers his speech in a different way. One day he told us a real story of his life that was occurred when he was a student of class ten and lived in Feni.

One day, Shantunur’s parents went to a invitation to Dhaka and he was the only person in their house. At the time of leaving his mother gave him 200tk to go to his grandfather’s house at Chandina, Comilla. After the leave of his parents, shantunur decided to go to a saloon and to cut off his hair. Then he did so. After completing the hair cut, saloon man asked him to have some more services from that saloon. Shantunur wanted to know the cost of those services but the saloon man did not make him clear by saying the actual price but he replied its very cheap sir. Shantunur agreed with him to have the services. After having the services when shantunur prepared himself to pay the bill, the saloon man asked 670tk. He was surprised as well as puzzled. He became angry and told the saloon man why you did not tell me the actual price before, now I don’t have this amount with me, I have to go to my house to collect the rest amount. The saloon man agreed with him and sent a stuff with shantunur to their house.

But shantunur thought he had only 200tk to go to his grandfather’s house and no more money in house. If he gives 200tk to the saloon man he can’t go to Chandina. Now what to do? Suddenly he got an idea that I think he did a BAD PRACTICE of his intelligence. While he was walking towards his house with the saloon man, he found an open gate of a house (he did not know whose house this is). He suddenly entered into the gate and closed the gate from his end. Then the saloon man was out of the gate and was knocking  to open it. But sitting on the stairs, shantunur was just waiting for his (saloon man) leave. The saloon man waited there for two hours.

Having no response saloon man became angry and left the place. when shantunur observed that saloon man was not in front of the gate, he came out of the gate and started running to his house.