The Tailor's Helpers (Assignment)

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The Tailor's Helpers (Assignment)
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The Tailor’s Helpers


There was a tailor, who had become poor without any reason. One day he had enough cloth to make just one jacket. He cut out the cloth in an evening to make a jacket next morning. Next morning he noticed the cloth had been made into a complete jacket. A customer came and buys the jacket because he liked it so much, he paid a higher price. Tailor was able to buy more cloth. Every evening he cut the cloth to make jacket next every morning but the cloth had been made again and again. Before Christmas the tailor and his wife made a plan to discover who’s been doing this work every night. They saw some Gnomes sat down at the table and began to sew the cloth to make the jackets. After watching that tailor’s wife wanted to make them happy. That’s why they made some little shirts, jackets, waistcoats, trousers, socks even shoes. After having those things gnomes overjoyed and quickly they put on the cloth. After wearing dresses they realized they were looking smart and they should not stay with the tailor’s as his helpers. Gnomes leaved the tailor and they were never seen again. But the tailor and his wife never stopped. They prospered their lives. 

Critical comment on “The Tailor’s Helpers”

In the story ‘The Tailor’s Helpers” the tailor mysteriously got some helpers. But those helpers were not for long time. They came, they realized their position and they gone.
In our life some thing comes for a moment and makes us happy. When we cannot think without it, it leaves us.

Moral of the story “The Tailor’s Helpers”

In our life, we want to be a success and happy person. For some one, for some thing suddenly comes a change in our life. But it comes for a moment. Some time a moment or an incident can change our whole life.

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