An International Competition for App and Game Developers

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An International Competition for App and Game Developers
« on: August 04, 2012, 03:22:34 PM »
The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, the MIT Education Arcade, and Learning Games Network today launched Create UNAOC 2012, an international competition for app and game developers to produce apps and mobile games that enable new avenues for intercultural dialogue.
The aim of the project is to identify opportunities through innovative tools that promote intercultural dialogue, drawing on unique cultural resources and experiences of developers around the world. Five finalist apps and games will be selected by an international jury, awarded funds for producers to refine their creations and played by delegates of the 5th Annual UNAOC Forum in Vienna, Austria, 27-28 February 2013. The global competition will accept submissions through the end of November 2012.

Apps and games submitted will be reviewed by an international jury and measured on whether: (1) Potential users would be given a novel experience to creatively and thoughtfully share perspectives on intercultural and global issues; (2)  How content and commentary relate to historical or current events, as well as (3) how the apps and games provide new perspectives that support intercultural dialogue.

Please contact for details.
Contact: 01811458865
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