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Search Engine Optimization-SEO||Off-Page Optimization
« on: October 02, 2012, 01:26:25 AM »

Generally Search Engine Optimization divided by two important parts, on-page optimization and off page optimization. Here I have discussed the essential and recommended techniques of off-Page optimization.

There are many words below I have made bold, these are the Basic and fundamental of SEO. Just learn about it, hope you are going to learn something very useful today!

Creating Off-Page Optimization Strategy
Before start off page optimization you must make a muster plan and have to be very quick, relevant and updated strategy. You have to organize your work, when you move to Social media, when to Directory, article writing and submission. Remember, “Content is king”.

Directory Submission

Directory is the total collections of web site and categories in many areas. It’s a good idea to submit your site name and a short but informative summary about your site. There are General web directories, academic web directories, subject web directories and more. Directory submission has demand in the market. There are many Bangladeshi SEO training Institute, Bangladeshi SEO expert, Bangladeshi SEO specialist who can help you.

Link building

There are two types of Link Building 1.Active Link Building and 2. Passive Link building
Link building is a good technique in the terms of SEO, in Bangladesh, Bangladeshi SEO expert and Bangladeshi SEO freelancers do very quality Link building.

Articles & PR marketing

Content is king, Good Quality article, informative, and error free article might bring your page top at the search engine and have strong possibility to improve your page rank – PR. The highest PR is 10 and lowest PR is -1. In the SEO terms, PR is a factor and according to SEO Expert if you can link your site with good PR site, you can also improve your PR.

Participation in Social Media

Social media is vast area, now maximum or a large number of internet users using Social Media. You must have active and powerful participation in each and every Social media like, Facebook, Google +, Twitter. This will help you to be more interacted with the interested people.

Q and A Services

A FAQ- Frequent Ask Question can help your visitor of course. You may even introduce custom FAQ and collect Questions from the visitor, so visitor will be very interested because they have priority in your site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep touch with your targeted client. You can use Email template, you can add signature with anchor text, even you can track who is responding your email by visiting your business page, and you can check it by Google Analytics. There are many Bangladeshi SEO training Institute who have collections of email, if you are working single, you can contact them and collect email.
Be careful about spamming, before send email verify/filter your email by spam filter.

Monitoring implementation and measuring success

There are many free tools and application you can measure your work. But Google web master, analytics is best to measure your SEO.

If you have Google all the word I have bold  I must say, you have enjoyed to learn. Happy SEO!
Please feel free to discuss and communicate.
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Re: Search Engine Optimization-SEO||Off-Page Optimization
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Thanks a lot for the informative post.
Fahad Faisal
Department of CSE