Assignment: "THE FAIRYFOOT"

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Assignment: "THE FAIRYFOOT"
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                                                                                                             THE FAIRYFOOT


A long time ago there was a town named Stumpinghame. The people of stumpinghame had feet so large but the seven son of Queen Hammerhell who had been born with small feet that resembled of the fairies, so they called him Fairyfoot. Fairyfoot grew up in the shepherd’s cottage. Suddenly, one summer day, he was introduced with Robin Goodfellow,a little man who had feet as small as his own. The little man handed one of the flagons with red wine to Fairyfoot who had never before tasted such a drink and danced with them without feeling tired or sleepy. One night he fell asleep and only awake at the sound of voices close beside him about in the Growing Well and Fair Fountain secret. Fairyfoot thought he would follow the ground-ivy and the Princess Maybloom and reached the magic grove. The Princess’s had washed feet three times and they became as small as Fairyfoot’s. As Fairyfoot have shown her the fair Fountain, she will show him the Growing Well. Fairyfoot and Princess Maybloom were married. When the young couple went to visit Stumpinghame they washed their feet in the Growing Well because the large feet were needed and on the way back they stopped at the Fair Fountain.


Fairyfoot was the seventh son of king Stiffstep in the town Stumpinghame. The town was situated by a thick forest . The forest was known to be inhabited by the fairies and people were no travelers because no one had ever tired to find out the length of forest. The naturally people of town had so large feet that they could not walk quickly. But Fairyfoot was born in different because he had small feet. The Queen Hammerhell looked so astonished though Fairyfoot should be welcomed for his feet. They are ashamed and sent him in the shepherd’s cottage. The parents had given him named Augustus out of fourteen names. But the country people called him Fairyfoot. Fairyfoot was handsome looking for his small feet. One summer, he met with a little man named Robin Goodfellow who wanted to help him.  No one play with Fairyfoot for his small feet. So the man led Fairyfoot along a mossy path where the moon shown as bright as day. The man handed a wooden flagon filled with clear wine. That was the magic drink because as soon as drinking the red wine Fairyfoot forgot all his unhappiness. All that summer for drinking wine he was never tired or sleepy. But one night he forgot to drink the red wine and fell asleep. When he was awaked hearing the sound with dreamy mind that two ladies were conversation about the secret of large and small feet. The feet of Princess Maybloom were small before washing in Growing Well. Again they may be small for Fair fountain. If it were known to all crowds of great coarse creature they must long to have small feet. Fairyfoot would follow the ground-ivy and see the Princess Maybloom unknowingly. The Fairyfoot heard a sad voice of Princess. He offered her as they before, but must be kept secret. Hearing the good news she danced following Fairyfoot in the magic grove. After washing three times her feet became small as Faiyfoot. As he had shown her the Fair Fountain she showed him the Growing Well for large feet. They were married and two royal family things worked out very nicely. For maintaining relationship between two royal families they went to visit Stumpinghame after washing their feet in Growing Well and the back way they washed their feet in Fair fountain. So they did so whatever they need.


When we are in Rome we must do as the Romans do.

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