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Mind Mapping with Computers

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The advent of the personal computer has caused a revolution in how we work and think. An endless number of tasks that were once carried out on paper can now be done with a PC, and the creation of Mind Maps is no exception.
Features that make Mind Mapping on a computer so attractive are:

Information can be added as fast as you can type - and it is neat!
Editing all aspects of the Mind Map is easy, without having to redo the whole Mind Map.
Clipart, digital images, audio and video clips can be inserted.
Colors can be added to words or branches to highlight associations.
Connections are shown with easily generated links or arrows.
A large Mind Map can be divided and linked to a new Mind Map file.
A Mind Map does not have to be limited to the boundaries of a printed page.


You are welcome.

Farhana Israt Jahan:

Obviously. Technology makes the mind mapping easier, smoother, faster and better.


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