Assignment on The latent message in Prince Zeyn

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Assignment on The latent message in Prince Zeyn
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Topic: The latent message in Prince Zeyn

Course Title: Post Colonial Theory & Literature
Course Code: Eng-509

Submitted by:
Md. Atikul Islam
ID: 093-22-139
Department of English
Daffodil International University

                                    Submitted to:
Umme Kulsum
Senior Lecturer
Department of English
Daffodil International University

                                   Date of submission: 29th  March, 2010

Summary of Prince Zeyn

Prince Zeyn is the son of King Balsora. By the supervision of king the young prince grew up. Before reach his mature level the king falls in death. Before his death he give some important words to the next king that not to listen those who always praise him and to try the exact truth before punish anyone. But after the death of king Zeyn forger everything and leads a pleasure life. When his mother reminds him he feels ashamed. One night he gets advice in dream. To follow the instruction of the dream he digs his father’s room and finds nine pedestals and there he also finds an instruction to find the slave Mobarec. Then the prince set off and finds Mobarec and says to him about his quest for the ninth statue. Then they together travel and at last reach in the Island Gemii. And the king of Gemii agree to give the ninth statue only by the exchange of a maiden who has never spoken an angry words or thought of anger. Zeyn promises to him to the exchange. By the help of the magic mirror he finds the maiden but he falls in love with her. But to keep his promise he takes her back to the king of Gemi. Then the prince went sadly in house and thinks the maiden will be better than the diamond. But astonishingly he finds the maiden instead of diamond in the down stairs room where the pedestal was.


Critical comment on Prince Zeyn

In the story Prince Zeyn we find that in the first time the prince forget the advice of his father and start a luxurious life. When he wants to come back to his normal life then he goes on some purification way .And at last , by the strength of his honesty mental strength of keeping promise help him for his purification and he win at last.   


 By keeping the promise a man can gain in his life.