Land policy ,land Banking .

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Land policy ,land Banking .
« on: October 14, 2012, 04:22:06 PM »
Land Policy :
The basic objective of land policy is to develop certain system by which a steady supply of developed land with in reasonable means could be realized  to meet the growing market demand .scarcity and high price of land is a common characteristic features found in most of the urban country of the other country .In majority of countries government usually adapt two broad policy one concerns a set of measured identified as normative or preventive measures the other involve direct government intervention .

Land Banking :
The primary object of the land banking policy is the advance acquisition of land on special terms for the purpose of building up a land bank which will be used for future public or private development .Land banking is not land nationalization ,its a temporary holding of land or strictly restricting any construction and save it for future equitable and rational use.

In India ,land banking schemes were executed in Delhi and in other parts .the land were acquired well in advance of the requriedment .the main objective was to ensure a supply of development land at reasonable cost .the develop land is not sold rather it is leased on condition that 50% of the unearned increment in the land will be paid to the government from any land transaction . Land banking system is considered as an effective means that can reduce speculation( a lot of land  is to  buy  by one) considerably .

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