Basi of SEO

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Basi of SEO
« on: December 14, 2012, 07:27:43 PM »
You can find many SEO article through the online. And my first SEO article was “Why we learn SEO”. If you really don’t know about the benefit of SEO, then you don’t have any interest about it. That’s why I published my first article about the necessary of SEO.
So, what is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization’s short from is SEO. It’s related with the search engine like Google, Yahoo. Suppose you have a website related with new songs download and also I have one like that. Now someone search in Google or Yahoo by “new songs” keyword and unfortunately search engine only show my website with another nine websites. So, why your website isn’t here? Because I am following SEO formula and you didn’t. Now if you want to keep your web site in the first page & the result of one to ten, you have to follow Search Engine Optimization rules & this it’s SEO.

Suppose you want download a new song of Linkin Park. I think you will search in Google or Yahoo such like “new song of “linkin park” & you will find ten web site links about that information. Now what will you do, you will open first two or three web site link from your search result & if you got your new song of Linkin Park, you will never open another web site link which was four to ten. But if you will not get your song then you will open another web site link from four to ten web site link.

I think, now you can imagine how important SEO for your web site.
There are two type of SEO
1.   On- Page Optimization
2.   Off-Page Optimization

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Re: Basi of SEO
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2018, 07:01:35 PM »
Thanks a lot for the informative post.
Fahad Faisal
Department of CSE