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Henry Ford 1863-1947


Henry Ford insisted on making a car that was affordable for everyone. His goal ran counter to the wishes of his backers at Ford Motor Co., who sought to maximize profits by building cars for the rich. As a key initiator of the moving assembly line, the company mass-produced cars faster and cheaper than other companies. Ford also paid his workers a real living wage and, through mass consumption, made Ford Motor Co. very profitable--eventually buying out even the most skeptical of backers. Perhaps most importantly, he helped create a middle class with "America's Everyman Car," his black Model T (the only color the company produced for years). While he had many personal flaws, Ford's vision of an affordable car enabled more people to commute to work and be more selective about jobs, eventually leading to more free time, including time for Sunday drives.
Quote: "Stay true to your vision and follow your instincts-even if your backers advise otherwise."


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