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Eberhard Anheuser 1805-1880 Adolphus Busch 1839-1913


Until Eberhard Anheuser and his son-in-law Adolphus Busch envisioned brewing a national beer, most breweries of the day operated only locally. To ship the beer cross-country, the two brewers introduced technical developments to make the feat possible. In the 1870s, Anheuser-Busch was the first American brewery to introduce pasteurization, allowing beer to be bottled and shipped to new markets for consumption. It later introduced artificial refrigeration and refrigerated rail cars to distribute the beer cold from the brewery. With these innovations, Anheuser and Busch forever shaped the alcoholic beverage industry in the United States, and is today responsible for about half of U.S. beer sales.

Quote: "Large-scale production and mass-marketing are meaningless without careful quality control."


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