Winter Clothes Collection : The Victory Day News: It’s a different victory

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Yesterday, on 16th December, I shared the following news to all faculty mail. Today in our "Debating & Mooting" class when I conveyed the congratulations, greetings, & inspiring words from their honorable teachers of different departments, they were so happy. In fact good words from  any teachers mean great achievement for the students. Thanks a lot my respected & dear colleagues for your thoughtful words.

Now I'm sharing the same write up to all the people of Daffodil International University through university forum.

The Victory Day News: It’s a different victory

In the name of Allah, The Most gracious, The Most Merciful

Dear all, I’m taking the opportunity to share the victory of our Law Dept. of DIU on this occasion of Victory Day.

During mid November from the Department of Law, we took the initiative that this year, we would celebrate our Victory Day in a different way. We wanted to see the smile of victory on the faces of the deprived, poor people, especially the cold stricken people of Bangladesh since the month of victory is the cold December. I declared the day, date & place in November. According to that my 30 volunteers (law students), 3 guides (law faculty members) started for the coldest place of Bangladesh, Rangpur, Kurigram, Chilmari on 13th December. An enormous 50 seat bus started from our Prince Plaza at 9:30 pm. After wishing them luck & saying good bye when I returned home at night, I passed my time just in prayer till the news of their safe arrival in the spot came on 14th December 7:00 am. The reason behind my worry was genuine since it was the biggest Human Rights venture in the department of Law which took place for the 1st time in DIU. No one can imagine, if not seen by own eyes how huge the warm cloth collection was! For the last 3 weeks my young, energetic volunteers worked like anything for collecting the materials. We also got good amount of money by which we bought 250 blankets (I wish we had more money for buying more blankets!).
So, undoubtedly, it formed my tension whether the team with the fully loaded bus would reach the place safely. I was not anxious about the security & distributing system since by the grace of Almighty all possible steps were taken like informing local chairman, thana, and the influential people of Kurigram. The day before their departure I invited the govt officer of Rangpur in my DIU office & discussed the ways & means of distributing. Token system was arranged which showed we could spread our helping hands to 2500 (approx) poor people. And lastly the law students did their splendid job on the spot. Every alternate hour I was connected with the team over cell but as ‘seeing is believing’, I could only believe the magnanimity of the job after I saw their video footage yesterday. After completing the assigned job the team was honored as special guests by the Upozila Chairman, Md Kafiluddin.  The law team received a grand reception followed by special dinner before their departure to Dhaka for their care & share for the cold stricken poor people of Rangpur, Kurigram, the coldest part of Bangladesh during December. The team started at night & arrived safely the next day, 15th December,  in front of Prince Plaza at 6:30 am Alhamdulillah. After my Fazar prayer I informed the news of arrival to the management and uttered myself “It’s a different victory of the DIU law department in the month of Victory.”

Dear all, again I offer my gratitude & thanks to you who kept my law team & work in their thoughts & prayers. Happy Victory Day 2012, Long live Bangladesh, Long live Daffodil International University. Ameen.

Winter Cloth Collection Committee of Law
Farhana Helal Mehtab
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Law
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Re: The Victory Day News: It’s a different victory
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Dear ma'am.Take my salam,Congratulation for great achievement. i think it is not an achievement, it is your and your students love to the people who are surviving for nasty winter.   


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Re: The Victory Day News: It’s a different victory
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after reading this post really i am feeling proud,,,,,just awesome......

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Re: The Victory Day News: It’s a different victory
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স্বাধীনতা তুমি
খোকার গায়ের রঙিন কোর্তা,
খুকীর অমন তুলতুলে গালে
রৌদ্রের খেলা.
(Shamshur Rahman)
Thanks to our dear ma’am and all others involved in ‘winter cloth collection programme’ for presenting the nation a meaningful victory day.
Sr. Lecturer, Department of Law
Daffodil International University
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Its the victory from cold sufferings of the poor people.
Its the victory of the entrepreneur of this great and novel event,
Its the victory of  the Head of Law Deaprtment who gave direction to make it successful,
Its the victory of the students & volunteers who worked hard to make it successful.
Its the victory of me as a citizen of (Sovereign Country) Bangladesh.
May this victory spread in the core of heart of all the people.
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Bravo Law department ,

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Yes, it is really a different victory...We all need to create differences in the terms of  victory, human rights, independence or patriotism rather than uttering mere words.
Mirza Farzana Iqbal Chowdhury
Senior Lecturer
Department of Law
Daffodil International University.