Proposal regarding construction of Apartments Part-3

Author Topic: Proposal regarding construction of Apartments Part-3  (Read 1906 times)

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Proposal regarding construction of Apartments Part-3
« on: January 08, 2013, 04:28:16 PM »
3.0   Specification of Apartments

3.1   Internal Specification of Apartments

   All the apartments will consist of

   Three bedrooms : Master bed, Second bed and Guest Bed.
   Three Toilets : Two attached & one Common.
   One kitchen, One dining & living and Verandahs.

3.2   Bathrooms
   *   RAK standard quality Sanitary Fittings in all Bathrooms.
   *   Glazed Tiles in Bathrooms up to ceiling height (RAK/Fu Wang).
   *   All Bathrooms with Homogeneous Floor Tiles except maid toilet (RAK/Fu Wang).
   *   Large Mirrors in Bathrooms with Overhead Lamps.
   *   Bath Tub and telephone shower in Master Bathroom (ROCA-Spain/FAIS-Italy)
   *   Enamel Paint on the ceiling to prevent dirt and dampness arising from moisture. (Berger).
   *   Inner side laminated Water proof Flush Door/plastic door.
   *   Concealed Hot and Cold water lines in Master Bathroom and Kitchen
   *   Essentially correct uniform floor, sloped toward the water outlet.
   *   CP towel rails.

3.3   Floors
   *   Tiles (RAK/Fu Wang) in all rooms.
   *   Stair Tiles in stair and lobby (RAK/Fu Wang)

3.4   Electrical
   *   Foreign Electrical Switches, Circuit Breakers, Plug points and other fittings (MK type).
   *   Light fixtures in stair and lobby (Swash / Crescent).
   *   Independent Electric Meter in each apartment.
   *   Electrical distribution box with Main Switch.
   *   Concealed Electrical wiring (BRB/Paradise)
   *   All power outlets with Earthing connection.
   *   Provision for Air Conditioner in Master Bedroom and the Living area.
   *   Light points in Veranda.
   *   Five emergency points in each apartment.
   *   Emergency power in Lift, Pumps, Lobby, Intercom service, Common spaces like Car parking, Reception area, Security room and Main gate.
   *   Concealed Intercom and Telephone lines, provision for TV & Satellite Dish Antenna system.

3.5   Doors & Windows
   *   Solid Teak Chamble Decorative main Entrance Door with : -
      - Door Chain
      - Check Viewer
      - Solid Brass Door Knocker
      - Apartment No. in Brass
      - Doors handle with security Lock.
   *   All Doors with good quality Mortise Locks and Bronzed Aluminum fittings (BTA).
   *   Sliding windows with 5 mm Tinted Glass completed with mohair lining and Rainwater Barrier in 4 inches Bronze Aluminum Section with the provision of fly proofing net (BTA).
   *   Good quality locks in windows.
   *   Internal Doors are of strong and durable Chapalish Flush door Shutters with French polish.
   *   Main door frames are made of Teak Chamble.
   *   All internal Door frames are made of Shil Korai / Chickrasi as per seasonal availability.
   *   Safety Grills with matching color Enamel paint (Berger) and Aluminum Section in all windows.

3.6   Walls
   *   Walls below ground are water proof RCC.
   *   Outside walls are plastered 10'' Standard Brick work.
   *   All interior walls are also plastered 5'' Brick work.
   *   Roof top parapet wall.

3.7   Kitchen
   *   Tiles (RAK/Fu Wang) in Kitchen floor
   *   Suitably located Exhaust fan (Chinese).
   *   One high polished stainless Counter Top Steel Sink with Mixer (Teka Brand-Italy).
   *   A 2.5 feet band of wall tiles running on walls along the sink & gas cooker (RAK/Fu Wang)
   *   Concrete shelf at 2.5 feet heights from floor level with Tiled work Top (RAK/Fu Wang).
   *   Provision for Double burner Gas outlet.
   *   Concealed Hot and Cold water lines

3.8   Painting & Polishing
   *   Super Aclose paint on outside walls (Elite).
   *   Smooth finished and soft colored plastic paint on all internal walls & ceilings (Berger).
   *   Enamel Paint on the ceiling color as matched with Bathroom Tiles (Berger).
   *   French polished Door frames & Shutters.
   *   Veranda railing according to the design of perspective.

3.9   Utility Lines (Water & Gas)
   *   Two best quality water pumps (one standby) (Pedrollo/ SAER Brand - Italy)
   *   Concealed water lines
   *   Hot & Cold water lines in Bathrooms (except maid)
   *   Water reservoir designed to hold two days water supply with additional half day in the roof top tank.
   *   Titas Gas approved concealed Gas line layout design.
   *   Concealed Gas and water lines
   *   Gas pipe line connection from Titas Gas Distribution System as per total calculated consumption with adequate safety measures.
   *   Approved quality Titas Gas materials (Titas Gas supplied).
   *   Individual Gas meter for each apartment (Titas Gas supplied).
   *   Individual Water meter for each apartment [ (WASA supplied ) (Subject to availability) ]

1st Student
Department of Real Estate
Rupayan Group
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