Proposal regarding construction of Apartments Part-2

Author Topic: Proposal regarding construction of Apartments Part-2  (Read 1669 times)

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Proposal regarding construction of Apartments Part-2
« on: January 08, 2013, 04:25:25 PM »
1.0   Brief Outline of the Project

1.1   Basic Information of the Project

   Address   :   4/1, Pallabi, Dhaka.

   Land Area   :   6.30 Kathas (approx.)

   Number of Building   :   1 (one)

   Lift :
   Number of Lift   :   1 (one) unit
   Capacity of lifting   :   8 (eight) passengers
   Building Height   :   Ground + Seven floors
         The Ground floor will be opened for car          parking and reception.

   Number of Apartments   :   Total number of apartments will be             14 (fourteen), 2 (two) units in each floor.
   Sizes of Apartments   :   14 (fourteen) units of 1215 sft (approx.).

   Duration of the Project   :   Total duration of the project will be 30          (thirty) months.


  From the date of getting the RAJUK approval

1.2   Land owner’s consideration

The landowner will get 6 (six) apartments with 43% of total parking spaces.

Distribution of flats will be settled mutually.

Besides this the landowner will get Tk. 10,00,000/- (taka ten lca) only as Signing Money and Rent compensation in 2 (two) installments.

1.3     Financing of the project

   i)  ADDL will arrange the whole financing of the project from its own source.


2.0    Legal Procedure

2.1   Legal tools

   i.   A registered agreement will be made between the land owner and ADDL regarding all terms and conditions.

   ii.   A registered power of attorney shall be provided by the land owner to the ADDL to make the development and all related works.

   iii.   Proportionate share of undivided, undemarcated & unspecified land with Apartment will be registered directly to the buyers as per current rules & regulations.


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