Keep Anxiety under Control

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Keep Anxiety under Control
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Anxiety is fear and apprehension sometimes marked by physical symptoms like tension, sweating and palpitating. It is a typical response to stress. It helps you deal with tense situations and stimulate you to concentrate on a task. A lot of people encounter this irregularly. The feelings often go away when the root cause is over. An anxiety disorder is a critical but curable illness. And it is important to keep anxiety under your control.

Human body builds up defense mechanisms to cope with threats of killers and intruders. When challenge with a threat, the body release hormones that accelerate the nervous system to prepare for physical action. When the heart and breathing fasten, the muscles tense and senses are regulated. However, the defenses those human adapted opposing physical dangers are not effective in the same manner opposing the threats of modern life. And a repeatedly activated stress reaction can make more accessible to critical health problems. This is the reason why you really need to control your anxiety.

Chronic or persistent stress can put sensitive individuals at danger of developing depression or anxiety disorder. Still you can find out what is the root cause of your anxiety, you need to find means to control stressful situations and take care of yourself to limit daily anxiety or control the symptoms of an anxiety disorder. Whether you have anxiety or anxiety disorder you need to find ways to cope with it such as taking a deep breath and counting to 10. Keeping away from the problem allows you to clear your mind. Another is the feeling of anxiety can seem oppressive; still you have always survived with it. Learn to accept the fear and allow it to pass away to keep anxiety under control.