How to Keep morale high

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How to Keep morale high
« on: March 23, 2013, 04:12:00 PM »
Getting up and going into work day after day can be a real drag. Some mornings you just want to pull the sheets over your head and go back to sleep. Keeping your morale up each day can be really difficult.  But there are a few things  can help us to keep our energy and morale pretty high most days. They are......
1.    Start every morning with a new, positive thought. It’s amazing what starting each morning on a positive note can do for your morale. I challenge you to start each morning with a great thought or a self-compliment and tell me how much better you feel at the end of that week. Just by choosing positivity first thing in the morning, you can send a message to the rest of your day and brain: “I’m staying positive today and nothing you can do will stop me!”

2.    Eat breakfast. Starting your morning out without energy can just create less and less energy as the day wears on. Whether it’s some fruit and granola or a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon, get that food/energy in your body before you get going for the day.

3.    Get to work a little early. I know some of you are probably thinking I’m crazy for suggesting this, but I’m suggesting 10-15 minutes early, not an hour. When you get to work a little bit earlier than most people, you have time to settle into your desk/office in a more organized manner. Coming in on time or late means being bombarded with questions and tasks the minute you walk in the door, which can be very draining.

4.    Make sure to eat those greens. It’s tempting to eat junk food at work because it’s satisfying and it feels like you’re doing something fun for yourself however, that sugar and salt is only going to make you sluggish later on. If you want a snack, try an apple or grapes or carrots. They still taste good, but they won’t slow you down later.

5.    Stop and breathe. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Breathing? Not in the middle of a crisis or a long work day. When you start feeling bogged down or like your morale is at an all-time low, just breathe. Clear your mind and just breathe for about 5 minutes, then watch the difference.

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