Celebration of 25 Years ...... An Album Description

Author Topic: Celebration of 25 Years ...... An Album Description  (Read 905 times)

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Celebration of 25 Years ...... An Album Description
« on: March 24, 2013, 10:29:23 AM »
Celebration of 25 Years ...... An Album Description

Yesterday I got a notification of ‘Sister Marian Teresa Leadership Award’ in my Holy Cross Girls Facebook page. While checking one of our Holy Cross elder apu’s album’s description caught my eyesight. As she is not my facebook friend, I’m not mentioning her name here. It was her 25 Years Marriage celebration; she created an album and wrote the following lines. Though it was an open album, I mean public view allowed, my busy schedule didn’t allow me to enjoy it. But the words of the album description were so thoughtful that I felt like sharing with  forum readers in “Parents, life and living for becoming self confident” section. If I met her anyway I would say her that her words touched me so deeply. May Allah bless her & her loving family.

“Unsure about my husband's love, but grateful to him for giving me the universe's best daughters. I do take care of him when he is around. Yesterday was our 25 years of being together.... though my status is that of a house keeper and care-taker of his home. Dear Lord, bless our home and bless all the other couple's homes and family. He hates celebrations, while i love to celebrate. If he is south pole, I am north pole, Perhaps despite the extreme love and hate relationship, we are still together. We had a quiet celebration with Ammu hosting a dinner for us and midnight wishes from my beloved brother…., my awesome sister…, my kids…,  my fabulous nieces… and my hubby. I thank you dear Lord for giving him and his daughters in my life.”
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