List of Training Institutions

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List of Training Institutions
« on: April 03, 2013, 06:09:39 PM »

    Police Staff College, Dhaka
    Bangladesh Police Academy, Sardah, Rajshahi
    Police Training Centre, Tangail
    Police Training Centre, Rangpur
    Police Training Centre, Khulna
    Police Training Centre, Noakhali
    Detective Training School (DTS), Rajarbag, Dhaka
    Forensic Training Institute, Malibag, Dhaka
    Special Branch Training School, Malibag, Dhaka
    Police Peacekeepers' Training School, Rajarbag, Dhaka
    Police Special Training School (PSTS), Betbunia, Rangamati
    Traffic and Driving School (TDS), Mill Barrack, Dhaka
    Motor Driver Training School (MDTS), Jamalpur
    Telecommunications Training Center, Rajarbag, Dhaka
    Dhaka Metropolitan Police Training Academy, Rajarbag, Dhaka
    Rapid Action Battalion Forces Training School, Gazipur, Dhaka
    Armed Police Battalion Training School

Moreover there are in-service training centres in different districts.