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Unable to install skype on windows xp


Unable to install skype on windows xp
It is still a bad SkypeSetup. But I found a solution.
1 - Starts the SkypeSetupFull.exe
2 - Follow the installer instructions.
3 - When everything is configured and click the Next button, I get the error message: "We are HAVING Problems connectings to the download server. To download an alternative installer for Skype, click to download button." (Says the SkypeSetupFull).
4 - click the Cancel button. In my browser to open the Skype download site. I close it.
5 - The installer will close, but it creates c: \ Documentum & settings \ All users \ Aplicationdata \ Skype \ {AA59DDE4-B672-4621-A016-4C248204957A} \ Skype.msi file.
6 - click on the Skype.msi. So install the Skype.
7 - The program works well.

I hope it will soon improve skypesetup. I hope a lot of people I could help with this description.

All the best´╗┐



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