Want you want to be?

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Want you want to be?
« on: May 26, 2013, 09:47:32 AM »

Every person have a dream, may be. I have also have a big dream. Academic/Standard education the first door/work on appearance of the dream. And do other thing that will help me to reach my goal. But it’s not mandatory all time. Already I fixed/rating like as A, B, C. However my 1st dream, BCS exam/cader to get a change. I try to my level best as a police officer (ASP).. It is my passion. If opportunity comes in my door, my target at the top level cover In 30 years, means that Inspector General Of Police (IGP).
Real example: Mr. Hassan Mahmood Khandker,BPM,PPM,ndc was appointed as the IGP of Bangladesh Police. He joined the police service in 1984 as a member of BCS Cader. He reach the top level only 26 years. I know some time doors close but another doors open. Some time we here, NO, NO, NO, what the meaning of NO, No means Next Opportunity.
Not yet know BCS cader can do or not. If its mistake I do not upset because all ready rating my career plan. Changing my career idea for the right career will stay. Something are the best as hobbies. My 2nd favorite’s hobbies technology.  In present age the world in hand the blessing of technology. IT lead the world day by day. So I want to create something new in this sector. I teach myself everyday try to new lesson in this area. If I follow one book it’s called copy but if I follow one more book it’s called innovation. Now if anyone say what you want to be, I say that explore myself at any sectors. Sultan Mahmud Sujon(bbasujon)
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