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Mind Quotes
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Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.
    Chuang Tzu
The human mind will not be confined to any limits.
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.
    Dalai Lama
You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.
    George Michael
Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all.
The greatest artist has no conception which a single block of white marble does not potentially contain within its mass, but only a hand obedient to the mind can penetrate to this image.
It is evident that an acquaintance with natural laws means no less than an acquaintance with the mind of God therein expressed.
    James Prescott Joule
An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.
Being a slave to the conditioned mind causes us to keep cycling through periods of pain and pleasure, joy and suffering, love and hate.
    Dan Brule
The mind is the world and the no-mind is freedom from the world. The mind is misery and no-mind is the end of misery and the beginning of ecstasy.
The march of conquest through wild provinces, may be the march of Mind; but not the march of Love.
    Herman Melville
The greatest minds are capable of the greatest vices as well as of the greatest virtues.
    Rene Descartes
Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero
Give me a young man in whom there is something of the old, and an old man with something of the young: guided so, a man may grow old in body, but never in mind.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero
Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up.
    Ernest Hemingway
A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.
    Antoine De Saint-Exupery
To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.
    Theodore Roosevelt
In words are seen the state of mind and character and disposition of the speaker.
Mathematicians have tried in vain to this day to discover some order in the sequence of prime numbers, and we have reason to believe that it is a mystery into which the human mind will never penetrate.
    Leonhard Euler
Awareness allows us get outside of our mind and observe it in action.
    Dan Brule

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.
    Napoleon Hill
You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind.
    Dale Carnegie
If we glance at the most important revolutions in history, we see at once that the greatest number of these originated in the periodical revolutions on the human mind.
    Wilhelm von Humboldt
He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.
    Leonardo da Vinci
Art is contemplation. It is the pleasure of the mind which searches into nature and which there divines the spirit of which Nature herself is animated.
    Francois Auguste Rene Rodin
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