Bad effects of using earphones

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Bad effects of using earphones
« on: June 15, 2013, 12:37:38 PM »
It’s true that using headphones have advantages. You can listen to music while at work, use them in bus making the traveling much entertaining and even use them while doing your chores without disturbing others.
You can go on and on… Even though you think it has much benefits, there is certainly a dark side.

Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss is the main side effect of using Earphones. Studies has proved that if you listen to music exceeding 90 decibels, it will cause temporary hearing loss which will eventually lead to permanent hearing loss. You may initially feel this while using earphone especially for teenagers who use it for long hours.

The loudness is measured in decibels.If you are using earphones for long hours to listen at maximum possible loudness (80-85 decibels) for more than 8 hours per day, then you may get permanent hearing loss. If you use it at higher range (88-90 decibels) then you will  have the same results in 4 hours.
However it is safe to use headset if you listen at a low volume which won’t effect your ears.

Side effects of using a Bluetooth headset
If you are using a Bluetooth headset, then you must know something about it.

A Bluetooth emits microwave radiation. These radiations have lower frequencies and have higher oscillation. This enables them to penetrate through the living tissues of your body. So if you are using a Bluetooth headset for long hours then consider yourself being exposed to a field of radiation.

Effects of the Radiation
Mainly the radiation affects your eyes, brain and definitely your ears. Long term exposure may lead to cancer, blindness, memory loss, hearing loss, hair loss and mental disorders. It can also affect your DNA which can pass to your next generation.

1. Listen to music at a lower volume.
2. Always take 5 minutes break after every hour. It helps your ear drum to recover from the bombarded concentrated sound waves.
3. Prefer using speakers which will disperse the sound waves.
4. Never share your headset with others. It can cause ear infections and is a unhygienic practice.