International Hindu Model United Nations 2013

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International Hindu Model United Nations 2013
« on: July 20, 2013, 07:56:52 AM »
Hello Mohammad Tofazzal Alam,

I have been informed by our International Outreach Coordinator, Mr. Kaushik Nag, that a delegation shall be applying IHMUN 2013 from your university. On behalf of the entire Secretariat, I thank you for showing interest in our conference.

There a few points I wish for you to note before you and your fellow friends apply for the event:

1. It is essential that a single point of contact is decided upon by your delegation before application. Since all students will be initially required to apply individually through the application form, we shall be communicating all details regarding the delegation to the single point of contact only.

This point of contact could be a faculty advisor in charge of your MUN club or delegation, or a student as well. For example: if you are the single point of contact mentioned in the application forms of all delegation members, we shall be communicating details about how to proceed with the payment process and other details with you ONLY.

Therefore, I encourage you to finalize this point of contact with your delegation members. All of them will be required to enter the same single point of contact in the first page of the application form.

2. Kindly let us know if there are any documents you require from our side PRIOR to application at this stage. We shall be dealing with your travel and visa documents only once allotments have be done.

3. It is essential that all students comprising the delegation apply for the conference around the same time. Generally, we accept applications sent within a span of 48 hours from each other for international delegations. For example: if the first application we receive for your delegation comes in at 12 midnight on July 10, 2013, then the last application for your delegation we shall accept must be sent in by 12 am on July 12, 2013.

The deadline for application is August 4, 2013, however allotments for international applicants are done within 5-7 days from date of application. You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Please note: All students in the delegation will receive separate emails which will contain their allotments, and we require all of them to reply back in the format given in the email individually as well. Once confirmations have been received from all students, we will then send the payment procedure for the delegation to the single point of contact for the delegation.

Kindly make note of these points, and do forward them on to whoever shall be in charge of your delegation from the university.

We look forward to receiving your applications.


Shagun Gupta

Director General
International Hindu Model United Nations 2013

Total Budget
Dear DIUMUN Member International Opportunity

Caucus – The Discussion Forum of Hindu College, Delhi University is proud to present the 5th edition of International Hindu Model United Nations (IHMUN) this October.

Total Cost (Max): 30 Thousand BDT  for every student

Cover: Registration + Dhaka-Kalkata-Dehli-Dhaka (Train)+Food+Accommodation+Conference

Date:17-22 Oct ,2013 (We may stay 16-23 Oct)

Venue:Delhi University Convention Center

Accommodation: International Student Hostel of Delhi University

Interested student are requested to like page and join the group 


Facebook Group: