Earn Your Parents' Trust

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Earn Your Parents' Trust
« on: June 20, 2010, 03:48:45 PM »
1. Stay on Task. For example, if you are asked to do something by your parent do it right away without any questions and stay on task while you do it. A perfect example of this would be reading this article when you were asked to do your homework!!

2. Communication - If you have something to discuss with your parents, make sure that you get it out and tell them. Respect each other. Do the best you can to become friends with your parents. Do things around the house for them, and let them share their opinions with you.

3. Respect - This goes both ways. You need to give your parents respect and they should do the same for you. Recognize that while you may be in different positions and coming from different points of view, each deserves to be treated with respect.

4. Truth - Lying is a horrible thing to do. If you lie, you're only making problems bigger, and if you lie, your parents will never trust you. This is a fact. If you've done something wrong, lying about it won't make matters better for anyone - including yourself - in the long-term. And it's the long-term that generates trust.

5. Get up and do it - If you believe something is right, do it. If your parents still don't seem to believe in you, prove to them that you are capable and deserving of their trust. Thinking and planning won't get anyone far; you have to get out there and show them just who you are and why they should trust you.


>> Talk with your parents. If you don't get along with your parents very well, ask them nicely if you can talk with them. Clearly state out your issues and ask for their opinion. Speak your say, and listen openly to their responses. Always be ready for what they can or might say. This is an important step.

>> Think trustworthy. What would a trustworthy person do? How would a trustworthy person behave? Act like that person.


-- Building trust takes lots of time. Don't expect it to happen after just a few "trust-building" experiences. It will grow through those and become stronger as they build upon each other.

-- Little things count. If small, daily actions are not consistent with a trusting relationship, the trust will erode away quickly. Alternatively, even small acts can help build trust.

-- Try not to break their trust, for it is hard to earn back!

-- If you've done something really really bad and want to do these steps, wait a little bit. Just because your parents might still be upset with you and the little things might be chores of punishment to them but good trust worthy things to you. So just wait a few hours , (Maybe more. It depends on the bad thing you did.) after all the steam will be cleared and forgotten about.

originated by:Tarryn Wallace, Josh W., Ben Rubenstein, Anonymous
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