Best Tips to be a Successful Freelancer

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Best Tips to be a Successful Freelancer
« on: August 25, 2013, 12:05:58 AM »
I published following article on "Sooper Articles Dot Com" at December 05, 2012. I am gonna share it here once again for new fresh freelancers of Daffodil International University.

Freelancing is continually gaining fame and fans since people are now getting to know that they can make lots of money via the internet by engaging in freelance work. There is nothing people wish to bypass than the normal routine of being employed whereby one has to wake up early and try not to reach late or get fired. This option has been granted by freelance work.

Freelance may seem just a walk in the park but there are a lot of things one should take into account if one wants to be a successful freelancer. Discipline and planning happen to be the foundation of the tips I will outline in this article. They may seem like common sense but lack of following them will lag you behind from success furthermore common sense is not common to all.

Here are tips that have been sieved to come out with the core for successful freelancing:

Professionalism: Freelancing creates a bossy atmosphere where you become your own boss and don't have to be supervised. Being a successful freelancer involves having the normal office etiquette even at home. One is encouraged to create a conducive working space and working if not same as the office hours, more. The client should not hear disrupting things like television noise, children crying and maybe dog barking since that would tarnish their trust and respect for you as their contractor.

Be Time Cautious: Time management has always been a key issue and anyone who is able to manage it wisely always has a competitive edge. Being a successful freelancer entails one to be able to allocate time effectively and efficiently to the tasks given by a client or clients and also being able to complete their tasks as per the agreed deadline. This will not only make you gain credit from your client(s) but respect too plus being given big and highly paying work.

Find Your Best Niche: This is understanding a field which you are good in and would provide or produce magnificent output in it. This will enable you not only have good end products but also enjoy the task given as you do them. Also this can be looked at on a market demand point of view so that you may reap lots of cash from something you are good in. This though doesn't mean it is not good to try out new fields but identifying your strong side would be a plus.

Build a Portfolio: This is a web site whereby you establish and explain more about yourself and services that you offer. One should also put qualifications and maybe sample of work done. Clients will search online to find a contractor who meets what they want and if you web portfolio is well designed and detailed it will create an edge. This is usually done by smart and success-craving freelancers who are targeting big tasks. Remember big tasks equal big cash. Make sure that your website is always updated and at par with time frame.

Network: This days what makes one get opportunities even in spheres people never knew existed is networking. It enables one know a lot of things and get challenged and introduced to trading associations. One should create ties with people who on a brighter day might help you out or may need your services.

These are some but critical tips that may make you come out from a low point of freelancing to a 'Big Fish' in the same. One just has to apply discipline in all that they intend to do and plan ahead of time so as to be articulate and systematic.

Maruf Abdullah Rion
BSc. in CSE