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My Research Article-2
« on: November 05, 2013, 07:28:40 PM »
Preparation of Rayon Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene Composites by Extrusion Techniques


Hybrid composites from rayon fibers (2–5 cm size) and polypropylene (PP) were fabricated by using an extruder. Fibre content of the composite was varied from 5–30% by weight and physico-mechanical properties of the composites were measured. Surface morphology as observed by SEM showed good interface adhesion between rayon and PP matrix. Furthermore inclusion of rayon (up to 15% fiber inclusion) in the composite increased tensile, bending and hardness properties. As the fiber content in the composite increased more than 15%, physico-mechanical properties decreased due to the decrease of fiber matrix adhesion. The change of tensile properties due to environmental aging was carried out by keeping the composite under soil for 1 month and tensile properties were measured periodically. The aging result suggests that composites retained about 75% of its original tensile and bending strength even after 1 month soil burial. The modified fibers were also used for the study. As such the fibers were treated with vinyl-trimethyoxysilane and methanol solution and irradiated under UV before being used with PP in extruder. The results showed retardation of the physico-mechanical properties for composites obtained from irradiated rayon fibers than the composites fabricated from non irradiated rayon fibers.

Journal of Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering

Taslim Ur Rashid
Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering
Daffodil International University