The Power of Creative Visualization

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The Power of Creative Visualization
« on: October 29, 2013, 12:42:49 PM »
Creative relaxation, or creative visualization, has been used for centuries to help with pain management and to heal people. Words and thoughts produce pictures and images inside our minds. These pictures, coupled with our wonderfully creative imaginations, can really help us in many ways, especially in hypnosis. I know that hypnosis makes the feelings and images generated extremely powerful. When we’re in hypnosis our creative visualizations can have that much more impact.

Generally in life, you can do what you think or imagine that you can do. What we picture, what we think, and what we imagine is really, really important. Let me give you an example: The steel workers who worked on building the first skyscrapers often walked around on the steel girders without any safety straps or harnesses. They did it because they imagined they could do it. When they thought about going to work, they pictured themselves doing it safely. The moment they thought or pictured that they couldn’t do it safely, they stopped being able to do it. People used to say of them, “well, they just lost their nerve.” What really happened is, for whatever reason, they started to think differently about the work they used to do.  They didn’t believe they would be safe anymore, so they were unable to continue.

Because thoughts are pictures in our minds, and these pictures are visualizations, what we think we can do, we can accomplish. That’s why in my self-hypnosis CDs I use lots of suggestions to help people paint pictures with their minds. I’m helping people utilise their imaginations through self-hypnosis.

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