Ways to add more subscribers to your ezine

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Ways to add more subscribers to your ezine
« on: June 30, 2010, 06:18:13 AM »
I am sure you have heard this before: to make money online, you
need to build your own opt-in list. This is the only way you can
cultivate a meaningful relationship with thousands of prospects
that trust your opinion and insight and are therefore more
likely to buy from you.

Once you have built your database of loyal ezine subscribers,
you can profit from the list in various ways, including:

=> Selling your own products to your list => Listing your
affiliate programs => Doing Joint Venture deals => Selling

Since list building is so crucial to your online success, this
article will cover 8 ways to build your list quickly.

1.Pop-ups increase sign-ups

Pop-up windows have a bad reputation in the industry for
annoying visitors. However, if you use it in a non-intrusive
way, it can triple your subscription rate. I used to run ads for
my ezine without pop-ups and could only get less than 10% of my
visitors to opt in. After implementing a pop-up box, my
conversion rate increased by more than 20%.

You can pick up a java script that runs a pop-up from the
following sites:

http://www.webreference.com/js utorial1/popup.html

2.Give a free bonus to your subscribers

Freebies never go out of fashion. Add a few free bonuses to your
offer and they increase the perceived value of your product in
the eyes of prospects. Similarly, give away some free goodies
for subscribing to your ezine and you will notice a healthy
increase in subscription rate. When giving out freebies, make
sure they tie in with the focus of your site and that they give
value to your subscribers. An outdated ebook given as a free
gift cheapens your ezine and it is worse than not having a free

3.Submit your ezine to every directory available

Regularly find places to list your ezine. Although you won’t get
thousands of subscribers from these directories, there will be a
small steady stream of leads to your site. Do a search on Google
and you will be able to locate dozens of ezine directories.

4.Submit your ezine to new ezine announcement lists

There are certain lists that are formed precisely for ezine
editors to announce their ezines to other ezine publishers.
Locate these lists in Yahoo Groups, join them and read their
posting guidelines. Then post your ezine details to all of them.

5.Do an ad trade

Team up with other publishers to build your list. Look out for
ezines with the same size of subscribers as yours. Then contact
the publishers of these ezines to propose an ad trade
arrangement. You can trade classifieds, sponsor ads or even solo
ads. It all depends on the bargain you strike with a fellow

6.Build your list with joint venture

One of the affiliate programs I joined encourages affiliates to
include a sign-up form for the program owner’s opt-in list at
our thank you pages for subscription. This got me thinking about
the possibility of trading ads on my subscribers thank you page
with other ezine publishers. People sign up for my ezine and are
invited to sign up for my JV partner’s ezine on the thank you
page. The strategy is followed in return on my partner’s thank
you page for my ezine. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

7.Submit articles to other ezines

Having your articles published by other ezines is a good way to
build your newsletter. Assuming that your article is
educational, readers will benefit from the information provided
and are happy to click on the link in your resource box to your
website. These visitors to your site are targeted and are more
likely to sign up for your newsletter.

8.Make full use of your email signature

As an active internet marketer, you send out lots of emails
daily. Make full use of these mailings to pull a plug for your
ezine. Include information about your ezine in your email
signature file in all the emails you send out. This will bring
in a small but steady influx of subscribers to your newsletter.

The above methods are steps that you can implement on your
website with ease. Do those things now and start growing your
list daily.


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Re: Ways to add more subscribers to your ezine
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