Technical approach

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Technical approach
« on: November 23, 2013, 01:39:29 PM »
 Technical approach

New design methodology, languages, principles, and tools will be provided supporting mixed-critical application development and execution with an explicit and efficient handling of mixed criticality in timing and safety while catching time disturbances and uncertainties from the underlying architecture.

A formal component-based design language will be extended, capturing criticality and mixed-criticality related constraints, hardware reliability, interference and isolation features.

A new composition and compositional design theory and associated formal verification techniques supporting those features will be developed.

Efficient reliability and interference analysis methods and techniques, based on a compositional approach, providing enhanced reliability analysis for mixed critical systems covering (transient) fault models and physical dependencies, as well as hybrid performance methodologies based on exact timing analysis and time automata, will be provided. Certainty Project - Design & architectural methodology

CERTAINTY will therefore investigate on the following areas:

    Mixed time critical system design
    Mixed safety critical system design
    Error handling under hard real-time constraints
    System design

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Re: Technical approach
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bujlam  na..