10 Most Unhealthy Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid

Author Topic: 10 Most Unhealthy Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid  (Read 711 times)

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10 Most Unhealthy Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid
« on: November 24, 2013, 01:28:49 PM »
10 Most Unhealthy Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid

Genetically modified organisms: Genetically modified organisms contains chemicals that will develop the tumors very rapidly.GMO's are present in almost all foods such as conventional corn,soyabeans and canola.It is advisable that must see the label before going to buy it.If it is non-gmo's verified foods or not which are produced naturally.

Processed meat:
Yes it's true, processed meat contains preservatives that makes the meat fresh,but it leads to cause cancer.Preservatives contains sodium nitrite and nitrate those are really bad to our health and also cause to rapid growth of tumors.It is better to avoid processed meat and consume natural meat obtained from grass-fed sources.

Microwave popcorn:
Microwave popcorn bags are convenient to make but those are lined with chemicals those are leads to cause inability,tumors,pancreatic cancer.Due to the presence of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic) and diacetyl.Both of these chemicals  used in the popcorn cause to both lung damage and cancer.

Conventional apples,strawberries,grapes & dry fruits: By having fruits like apples grapes,dry fruits,strawberries people think they are eating healthy.Maximum conventional fruits contaminated with cancer causing pesticides.As per the research almost 98% of the production is tarnished with cancer causing pesticides.

Soda pop: Soda pop leads to cause cancer because it contains sugar,coloring,chemicals those will acidified the body and literally develop the cancer cells.

Artificial sweeteners: Food beverages are also include which causes cancer.Most common one is artificial it leads to birth defects and cancer.Saccharin,sucrose and various artificial sweeteners also cause cancer.

Refined white flour: Refined white flour is a serious cause of cancer.Regular intake of refined carbohydrates leads to cause breast cancer.High glycemic foods are also one of the main cause of increasing blood sugar levels and rapid growth of tumors.

Farmed salmon: Farmed salmons are oftenly tarnished with chemicals  such as antibiotics, pesticides, PCB's,retardants etc.. and also lack of vitamins.So it is better to avoid farmed salmons because it has high risk of cancer.

Hydrogenated oils:
  Hydrogenated  oils can alter the construction and flexibility of cell membranes in the whole body.Hydrogenated oils are used as preservatives for processed foods but it leads to growth cancer causing cells.

Refined sugar:
It increases blood sugar levels rapidly and leads to growth of cancer cells.As of the research increased cancer rate is because of  cookies,cakes,doughnuts,cereals,juices etc which are high fructose corn syrup.
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