Appendicitis - How To Know and How To Prevent

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Appendicitis - How To Know and How To Prevent
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Appendicitis - How To Know and How To Prevent

The appendix is a small out growth of tissue forming a tube shaped sac attached to the lower end of the large intestine.Inflammation of the appendix presents itself in acute and chronic forms and affects both the sexes equally.This disease accounts for about half the acute abdominal emergencies occurring between the age of 10 - 30.

Appendicitis is caused by the excessive amount of waste poisonous materials in the caecum.As  a  result appendicitis get irritated and inflamed.Inflammation and irritation caused by gems which are present in the intestinal tract.

How to know?

    - Usually begins with a sudden pain in the center of  the abdomen.
    - Pain may be preceded  by general discomfort in the abdomen,indigestion,constipation etc..
    - Pain may shift slowly to the lower right side.
    - Patient may vomit.
    - fever and nausea is common
    - Patient may suffer from recurrent pain in the right lower abdomen,constipation,loss of appetite.

How to prevent?

    - If the pains as described above are experienced.Patient is advised to consult a doctor immediately.
    - Following remedies should be taken only in consultation of doctor.

Natural remedies to prevent appendicitis:

Green gram: Green gram is one of the best remedy for acute appendicitis.Infusion of green gram is one of the best medicine for treating this condition.It can be taken trice in a day quantity of one table spoon each time.

Vegetable juices: Some vegetable juices are very useful in the treatment of  appendicitis.100 ml each  of  beetroot and cucumber juices mixed with 300 ml of carrot juice.This mix can be taken twice in a day for better result.

Butter milk: Butter milk also beneficial in the treatment of chronic form of appendicitis.Consuming one  liter of butter milk a day will give you noticeable results.

Whole wheat: Whole wheat is beneficial in the treatment of digestive disorders including appendicitis.Whole wheat which includes bran and wheat germ are very helpful in this treatment.Bran of  wheat can be sterilized by baking after cleaning.This bran can be added to wheat and prepare it as a food and have it daily to prevent this disease.
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