Foods To Improve Thyroid Health

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Foods To Improve Thyroid Health
« on: November 24, 2013, 02:18:17 PM »
Foods To Improve Thyroid Health

 In researches  found that about 25 to 27.5 million american's are suffering with thyroid diseases.Most of the people don't know that if they have thyroid problem or not.If you have any idea about what should we consume when we have thyroid problems,here we have some foods that can improve the thyroid health.

Coconut butter or oil:
                                                    Coconut oil can increases the production of  thyroid hormone,fat present in coconut butter can quickly converted to energy which helps to supervise the thyroid function.It contains raw saturated fat that contains fatty acids which can helps to improve thyroid health.

Copper & Iron rich foods:
                                          These foods play an important role in thyroid function.Copper & iron are two powerhouses which can boost up the thyroid.

    - Copper rich foods are organ meat,sunflower seeds,oysters,crab,cashew,whole grains,cereals and cocoa products.
    - Iron rich foods are leafy green,shellfish,red meat,poultry etc in vitamin C foods are also rich in iron such as potato,tomato,berries,citrus etc..

Iodine rich foods:
                            Iodine rich foods are very important to improve thyroid health.It helps to produce thyroxin from thyroid glands.Thyroxin will help to maintain metabolism.some iodine rich foods are seaweed,fish,sea vegetables,iodized salt,fish oils,eggs,artichokes and pineapples.Don't take antiseptic or tropical iodine internally.

Eat selenium rich foods:

                                       Selenium is an major factor in thyroid disorders.It keeps the hormones in order produced by thyroid glands and also improves the thyroid health.Selenium rich foods are beef liver and kidney,shellfish,egg,garlic,mushrooms,brazil nuts etc.You can also try turkey flesh it can improves thyroid function and also low in calories and rich in selenium.

Essential fatty acids:
                                 Essential omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acid helps the thyroid to maintain metabolism.Omega fatty acids are rich in salmon,tuna,leafy vegetables,pumpkin,walnut,canola oil and sunflower seeds.
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