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Logo design is one of the first building blocks in constructing your corporate identity. Logos are the first impression your business will make on a potential customer, with the competitive business environment we are in now, it is little wonder that we would all want to leave a lasting impression on our customers.

Logos actually evolve with your company. Take a look at Pepsi, they have updated their logo numerous times, as a result these companies’ logos consistently reflect a current look and feel.

Here’s a brief overview of how logos are uncovered at UOZDESIGN.


As with every design project, the design brief is one of the most important element. Not only does it helps everyone save time, it also helps focus attention on the details that best attract the target audience. Do download our questionnaire to help us understand u better.


Research takes up the most time in our discovery for logos. We will review your information thoroughly, understanding your competition, trends in the market, what sets you apart from your competitors, the history of your business, your current branding and the one you aspire to become.


Sketching, the most ancient form of ideas generation. We handle every logo design project by first doing a sketch. In this manner we are not restricted to what is only possible on a mouse a keyboard. We could draw complex images or fonts that are not found yet all with the ease of the mighty pencil. Most sketches will eventually find their ways to the thrash can and only the best will be brought into the digital space.


We will translate the selected design into digital formats using software’s such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and finally creating a PDF for presenting the work to you.


After acceptance of the presented work. The artwork is supplied via email, download links or cd. The files provided will ensure that your logo can be scaled up to any size without the loss of quality. Apart from this should you have any specific file formats that you would like. We would be happy to assist.


What we offer does not end here. We will always be around to help you with any design related questions you might have. Apart from this we can also help you with print procurement, placement of ads or offer design advise or assistance to you.

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