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Hard workig
« on: November 30, 2013, 02:11:24 PM »
Hi Everybody,

I am happy to back after a long time to write something here. As you know except DIU family members no one allowed to write on this board so i am the one of family member of DIU. I love my University, I love my family. DIU give me lots of opportunity to build up myself to build my morality and DIU learnt me how to take responsibility?! I am thankful to them who give me the opportunity & support me always & Sokor Alhamdulillah i feel i am one of successful woman because of my hard working, honesty & commitment. In mid of 2012 i have to come in Australia for my husband.  I was tensed to start a new life but Alhamdulillah from the beginning it is peaceful. but the thing is here life style is not like our country I mean here husband wife need to work to maintain life like  home rent that you have to pay weekly, you have buy ticket for transportation, food, electricity bill, internet bill, mobile bill so many rules regulation & you have to maintain these all that is abroad!! i was pissed off with these all. i was looking for job & Alhmadulillah i got it but i never thought i got job with designation. i can't work full time for some rules regulation. moreover they start to like my work, my contract was finished but 3 weeks later they called me again, some people did not like that i came back, so many controversy that i can't handle the Christmas pressure because i don't have any confidence level and so many thing! that time i was keep quiet coz i knew who i am & where i have to go. i always talk with my Almighty Allah, always tell Him pls God show me ur simple way & give me patient of. I felt myself as a born fighter, I told Him (Allah) u r watching everything & u can realize whats going on with me & u know where i have to go for my family for my parents :(( pls give me the strength! HE give my 1st success that i can prove my confidence- 12 people are working under my shift and sokor alhamdulillah i am handling everything properly, 2nd success company give the position as a Supervisor of the shift, 3rd success-they reward me by giving a Gift Card thats very important for my dignity. 4th success- they tell me they gonna give a very special bonus system that they are specially give to permanent employee.

I share this experience with you guys only for understanding that we can do if we are hard working, if we have honesty, commitment, motivation & respectful behavior then success will give you simile. I love my parents, i love my family and thats why Allah always safe me from any enmity. Thanks, I will be back with my new success In-Sha-Allah. Best of luck!

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