How to Calculate the Costs for Painting Wall

Author Topic: How to Calculate the Costs for Painting Wall  (Read 879 times)


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How to Calculate the Costs for Painting Wall
« on: July 31, 2010, 01:54:13 PM »

Hello and Welcome.

Now i m described how to calculate painting cost before contractor makes contact.

In terms of cost for painting a property as a means to do some cosmetic repairs, ...

Length of Wall x Height of Wall = Total Area of Wall


Total Area of Wall x Sides (usually 4)

A gallon of paint will cover 350 sq. ft.

Q1. Is this how it's done out there?

As a previous owner of a company specializing in painting and drywall finishing, it sounds like you are off to a good understanding of the estimating process. A couple of variables to remember... calculations basically double if it may need two coats of paint, and always assume the worst case. If there are major color changes, or the existing paint is in really bad condition, two coats are probable. We always calculated about 250 SF per gallon for one coat, and if an additional coat is required, usually about 300 for it (second coat is easier, and goes further). Method of application is a major variable as well. The above calculations work if applying manually (brush & roll), but if spraying, lots of variables, including the type of equipment being used, and the experience of the person spraying. I hope this helps!

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Re: How to Calculate the Costs for Painting Wall
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nice................ :P