REVTalks: “Look, Up in the Sky . . . It’s a . . . Sales Superhero!”

Author Topic: REVTalks: “Look, Up in the Sky . . . It’s a . . . Sales Superhero!”  (Read 657 times)

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Winning with the Justice League: How to Spot Your Next Sales Superhero

The inside sales hiring frenzy has hit. The competition for A-list inside sales talent, also know as today’s Inside Sales Superheroes, is brutal. Companies are aggressively growing their inside sales organizations– at the rate of 15% per year. And according to, inside sales is growing at warp speed–300% faster than it’s field counterparts.

Everyone wants that innovative, disruptive, game-changer who will bring their superpowers to the organization and save the day. Their sales buzz is viral, vast, technically potent, and sprinkled with marketing wisdom. They don’t announce their presence with ringing phones, they’re jacked into the virtual world. If their fingers are flying, they’re making things happen in Sales 2.0.

So, which super qualities should you look for when recruiting inside sales superheroes? Josiane Feigon knows. Feigon, bestselling author and president of TeleSmart, will detail her must-have traits at Monday’s REVTalks, in San Francisco. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek.

Moves at the Speed of Light
Nothing moves faster than The Flash. Today’s inside sales superheroes must think fast, learn fast, talk fast, respond fast and move fast. Impatience keeps them moving at light-speed. They are always ready for the next big sale.

Laser Focus
Just like Cyclops, who can fire an optic blast from his eyes, today’s inside sales superheroes have the laser focus to make things happen. They get more accomplished in less time because they tune out distractions and spend more time uni-tasking than they do multi-tasking.

Digital Influence
Tony Starks, aka Iron Man, is an ingenious engineer who uses his super-tech knowhow to survive — just like today’s inside sales superheroes. They understand that building a strong digital footprint filled with quality contacts and influential followers is the only way to survive in today’s fast-changing sales 2.0 landscape.

Source: InsideView at REVTalks.