Importance of Case Study

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Importance of Case Study
« on: October 23, 2013, 01:14:38 PM »
In professional life practical knowledge will help you than theoretical knowledge. As a MBA student you have to need case study for practical knowledge.

The importance of case studies in research

Case studies are research that focus on and gather in depth information about a specific person, group, community or event. They have numerous advantages and disadvantages. But do they actually have an important place in research.

Scientific research is based on objectivity. However with a number of case studies use self report measures such as interviews and questionnaires to gather information. Self report measures are not necessarily an objective data source because they can easily contain social desirability bias and interviewer bias for instance. Furthermore leading questions can be a problem, as is shown in Sigmund Freud (1909) analysis of a phobia of a five year old boy. Hans father asked him if “When the horse fell down did you think of your daddy?” Leading questions can greatly affect participant’s answers, and therefore influence the results/ findings of research.

On the other hand, case studies can provide very detailed information about a particular subject that it would not be possible to acquire through another type of experimentation. For example Sigmund Freud (1909) analysis of a phobia of a five year old boy, consisted of qualitative notes on Little Hans’ discussions, behaviour and dreams collected over a four year period. Thus, allowing for a greater in depth analysis of Hans behaviour.

Another issue with case studies is their lack of generalisability. Case studies generally study a single person or a group of people. So the results or conclusions found cannot be applied to the general population; because the participants studied may not be accurately representative of the typical or target populace.

A further strength of this method is that research is able to be carried out on unusual cases that it would not be ethical to carry out any other way. For example: Thigpen and Cleckley (1954) a case of multiple personality. It would be impractical and perhaps offensive to carry out an experiment comparing people with multiple personality disorder and those without it. But by conducting a case study, Thigpen and Cleckley were able to spend over 100 hours with Eve White documenting her behaviour and gaining information about the disorder.

However case studies are very time consuming, and can be difficult to carry out and analyse. In addition case studies usually generate qualitative data which must be interpreted by the researcher, meaning that the data may become subjective. This problem can be furthered if the researcher lets their own opinions of the outcome of the study influence the way they interpret their data; (researcher bias).

To conclude, case studies do have some very beneficial advantages; especially the fact that usually unethical matters can be tested via this method. However the disadvantages are also high as the findings of case studies cannot be generalised to the wider population until the theories have been tested in controlled conditions. Also the problem that the research can lack objectivity is a big downside to the case study method, because it means that the research is surely not scientific. So it is arguably questionable whether case studies can be held in high respect.

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Re: Importance of Case Study
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We know case study helps to know the reality of different matters. Practical knowledge and experience helps to create new things. It’s the way to understand the environmental situation and build the ability to take the right decision. So, Read more case study to enhance the knowledge arena.   
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Re: Importance of Case Study
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Nice sharing
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