Sales-Marketing Alignment is a Win-Win

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Sales-Marketing Alignment is a Win-Win
« on: February 05, 2014, 11:25:40 AM »
Sales-Marketing Alignment is a Win-Win ; By- Inside View

REVTalks Speakers Outlined the "How-To" of Revenue Marketing

If you haven’t already, it’s time to act on the key takeaways from the inaugural REVTalks marketing summit. InsideView is proud to have sponsored an event that was jam-packed with executive "Aha Moments," as well as solid ideas for approaching sales-marketing alignment and succeeding at revenue marketing. (If you're not sure why sales-marketing alignment is important, read through Eloqua's "It's All About Revenue" Page.)

REVTalks Recap

The Short Version
We combed the event for the most inspiring presentations and these speakers made our list:

Maria PergolinoMaria Pergolino | VP of Marketing, Apptus
When paying hundreds of dollars per sales-ready lead, Apptus doesn’t leave the first touch to chance. In addition to kicking off companywide campaigns (like marketing parties), Pergolino takes responsibility for keeping the sales organization on their toes by executing training sessions focused on closing deals and creating a respectable customer experience.

Meagen EisenbergMeagen Eisenberg | VP of Demand Gen, DocuSign
Eisenberg’s team shares an internal weekly "Sales Flash” email with a view into existing marketing campaigns, performance and expectations. Consistent communication between sales and marketing not only makes DocuSign’s sales team aware of the influx of new leads and generates excitement for reaching sales goals, it also promotes a solid relationship between the two teams.

Josiane FeigonJosiane Feigon | CEO, Tele-Smart Communications
Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing has predicted that some sales functions (mostly lower-level, lead follow-up roles) will be absorbed by marketing departments in the coming years. With this shift in mind, marketing will also need to play a larger role in sourcing and hiring sales talent. Feigon has set a baseline on what what to look for when recruiting "inside sales superheroes."

The Long Version
To get a more detailed view into REVTalks, listen to the Sales Lead Management Association Radio interview segment featuring REVTalks speakers, sponsors and attendees last week (scroll to the bottom to listen to the radio podcast).