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Contact persons & committee
« on: March 13, 2014, 11:17:34 AM »
Advisory Committee:
Convener: Bimal Chandra Das- Assistant Professor, Dept. of Natural Science-01716798018 
Mr.Masud Ibne Rahman, Assistant Professor (Member)
Mr.Mahbub Parvez, Assistant Professor (Member)
Mr.Anuz Kumar Chakrabarty, Lecturer (Member)

Executive Committee:
1. President: Shibli Shaddiq (Student of BBA)-01674610774
2. Vice President : Ela (Student of Pharmacy)
3. Vice President :Emrus (Student of BBA)
4. General Secretary : Sunny (Student of BBA)-01741145219
5. Ass.GeneralSecretary :Roisul (Student of Textile )
6.Program Designer : Ponkoj (Student of Textile)
7.Organizer : Tumpa (Student of CSE)
8. Media and Publication :Rini (Student of Textile )
9.Treasurer :Shadhin (Student of BBA)

1.Mahadi (Student of ETE)
2.Reza (Student of ETE)
3.Mou (Student of Eng)
4.Babu (Student of BBA)
5.Abdullah (Student of BBA)

Honorable Members:
1 .SabbirHossain
2. Md.SazzadHossain
3. AshikurRahman
Dr. Bimal Chandra Das
Associate Professor
Dept. of GED, DIU