Mission of vision the Club

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Mission of vision the Club
« on: March 13, 2014, 11:29:23 AM »
1. Collecting new performer in different categories from new students to continue the different program of the club and University smoothly

2. To develop the interaction among all the students of DIU through different activities so that they can work for DIU as well as for DIUCC in a body

3. Encouraging the students to involve in extra-curricular activities out of their academic work

4. Offering students a way to meet with new people with similar interests and a chance to try new experience

5. Developing their presentation and expression so that they can perform better in job sector

6. To enhance the image and new artists of DIU Cultural Club in different cultural activities with the help of this exhibition

7. To make new organizations and give them a chance to develop their organization skills.

8. Uphold the image of DIU nationally and internationally by extra and co-curricular activities through DIU Cultural Club.

9. To uphold the cultural heritage of the country through various cultural activities like music, drama, recitation, dance, organizer etc.

10.To protect indigenous cultural heritage and stand against cultural imperialism.
Dr. Bimal Chandra Das
Associate Professor
Dept. of GED, DIU